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  1. MAG



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    i think this game would work better if people actually played as a team,
    but otherwise the guns are bad the gameplay is weak and sniping is impossible as everything over a certain distance turns all misty and dont get sucked into the 256 player battles as the battle field is split up so its just lots of games happening at once.
    save ur money and get modern warfare 2 as you get one of those new fangled campaign thingys

  2.  A must buy


    For anyone who loves to play action games such as age of empires this is a must buy. Great gameplay and fully customizablespace ships make for a great game which is fun to play.

  3.  Great but...


    The game is great in career mode but after you've got over the novalty of upgrading class from 250s to motogp the game starts to get a bit boring. The extra challenges are fun though even if some of them are too long.
    P.s. The125s and 250s don't sound weird, they sound exactly the same as they do in real life. Like a 2 stroke! :-P

  4.  Overrated


    I have recently been deciding whether to buy a 360 or a PS3.
    after talking to my friends they said that the 360 was better as it had halo 3. The game was supposed to be great but after playing it i was very dissapointed. Yeah the graphics are good but the story line is complicated and the game play is hard to work and boring.
    The online wasn't mich better as it soon got boring.

  5.  Kerput


    I'm sure the game is great but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work, like many other older games, on the new windows vista.

    Anyone looking to by any game check on the back to see if it is compatible with vista before buying.