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  1.  Arguably the best game ever made


    A fantastic Open World RPG
    I think my jaw has dropped in amazement so many times whilst playing this game that I've lost a few teeth!
    I have the game for the PS3 and thankfully I've had no glitches at all.
    My main character is now above level 60 and I have played for well over 150 hours.
    The issue regarding screens freezing seems to be very hit and miss, either you're unlucky and suffer with locked frames, or you're fortunate and suffer no issues at all.
    If you're unsure over buying because of issues with games freezing, then a tip would be to rent it first and play for 10 or so hours on that, and then if you're not suffering freezes, go and buy the game for yourself.
    Personally I couldn't recommend this game anymore highly - a must for fans of RPG's.

  2.  Hilarious - a must for quiz lovers!


    Granted, its not the longest book I've read, but it is most certainly one of the funniest!
    It is simply baffling how some people have responded to questions in such a way, but it just makes this collection of quiz howlers all the more hilarious!
    A great book to read whilst on holiday - either whilst travelling or by the pool / beach as you can pick it up as and when you please and you are guaranteed to chuckle with every turn of the page.

  3.  One of the best games I have ever played!


    If you havent bought this game already then BUY IT NOW, it is an incredible game in every way and the Undead Nightmare DLC is excellent too!

  4.  No Car Customisation!


    Positives of game:
    1 - Graphics and sound are excellent
    2 - Controls / gameplay is smooth and dynamic
    3 - A wide range of cars are available for you to drive across the USA
    4 - Online play is good and has various race types and challenges
    5 - The cut scenes are exciting and visually excellent

    Bad things about this game
    1 - The main story of the game is comically short
    2 - You cannot customise cars in almost any way
    3 - The best thing you can do is change their color
    4 - However for around half of the cars you cant even change that
    5 - There are only a small number of 'bosses' in the game and they very annoyingly show up multiple times
    6 - The game is not 'open world' and you cannot deviate at all from the races
    7 - The ability to 'leave the car and go on foot' is a lot more disappointing than it sounds

    In summary, this game is good if you want a straight forward racer game with good online play, but if you want the more classical NFS experience (with extensive car visual customisation and performance tuning) then you wont like this game.