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  1.  Nice Wholesome Game


    Story - 9/10, nice anime cutscenes that do not distract from the action in any way blended nicely with non-anime ones. The boss battle are great and nice addition to the story. Narration can just go on and on sometimes and free roam isn't used to best of its advantage like B3.

    Hero - 8/10, great mode with nice story, which is believable, that allows you to create your own Sayain character with unique boss battles not available from the story mode. Free roam is used better here than the story mode but it falls short when you can only create a male Sayain and not any Humans, females or Nameks.

    Graphics - 10/10, what more can I say. It is lovely to look at our favourite Z fighters with this manga interpretation. And the anime cutscenes look better than the Kai version of the show. The stages are a vast improvement over the Raging Blast series and colours are equally distributed. Without the shadow of the doubt, this game has the best graphics for any DragonBall game.

    Sound - 7/10, there are some emotive moments in this game coupled with music. But, and this is a big but, most of the VA is out of place and not probably synced (this has been a problem since Burst Limit though) and the VA switches between old Funi actors and Kai actors e.g. Frieza and Gohan, they should keep it consistent to the current voice acting. Music can be just wrong sometimes and other times very great, it would help if they didn't use guitars in every score. But you can change the score in PS3 so win-win?

    Multiplayer - 9/10, very additive modes, which is true in any DBZ game. Nothing new to offer in online, though.

    Layout - 8/10, a vast improvement over last year's title but can be a bit confusing at menus.

    Characters - 8/10, 62 characters in total is decent, I mean they have deleted all the unnecessary repeat/generic characters like Teen Gohan (Base) who hardly fought in story but they have avoided the all time favourites. Still it is higher than any other fighter but not what you may expect for a Tenkaichi/Raging Blast game. At least they all have unique animation to the game.

    Gameplay - 8/10, this is a hit or miss with many people. Yes it is a miss if you consider that all characters fight the same, but that occurs in every DBZ game. Controls are easy to pick up for any non-fans and easy to pick up. The gameplay is very DBZish (if that's a word) with a number of fancy combos available. And doing the Super/Ultimate attacks is such a pay-off after the pursuit attacks. It also reduces some of the spammer issues in previous editions. It still promotes spammerism if they just press one button - which again is true for any DBZ game. Yes it can get repetitive, but again the same for any game. Why are people complaining about it? Yes, this game is not entirely the fighting, this is a strategy with fighting elements about Ki control, Spirit control and multiple attacks and counters to predict what the opponent will do next.

    Overall - 8.5/10, This game is very far off from being the worst (which still remains to be Infinite World). Because of the negativity, many do not like it. I recommend renting it beforehand. This game is perfect for people who are new Dragonball fans e.g. just seen Kai or just discovered the manga/anime from friends etc, etc...

  2.  Great series


    Not as good as Series 5, but the cast and supporting cast most of the time is what makes this series great. I don't care if the story is complete and utter rubbish (which rarely happens, probably once a series) the cast are so well-written and their performances are so great the stories are always 10/10 because of them.
    Nice boxset with 5 new scenes, worth buying if you want to get into Doctor Who but don't know where to start and like some hard sci-fi(ness) that's bound to pull some brain muscles.
    Didn't quite enjoy The Curse of the Black Spot in this series though, other stories are really, really enjoyable especially The Girl Who Waited (my personal favourite) and The Doctor's Wife. Another problem with the boxset is that the design is a bit bland (really a plain black box). Should have been a monster or something on the cover? XD
    Buy it in Blu-Ray if you can, episodes like The Impossible Astronaut or A Good Man Goes To War are much better with the variety of colours used in this.