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  1.  Hip Hop? Electro? Who Cares!


    As an artist Kanye West really knows how to show them how its done. Bursting into the Hip Hop scene and creating a name for himself, he decides to mix things up a little rather than releasing another Hip Hop album and it has really paid off! "808's And Heartbreak" merges genre's to create a clean, innovative sound. "Love Lockdown" and "Heartless" sum up the album quite nicely, but other stand out tracks are "Paranoid" and "Street Lights". A terrific follow up album to the amazing "Graduation", the only place Kanye is going is right to the top!

  2.  Disappointing Night


    I have a been a big fan of Franz Ferdinand since their first album. When, I heard they were releasing a third album I was ultra excited but was really quite disappointed with the outcome. Although its every artists prerogative to grow and change direction I just don't think Franz have progressed for the better. Didn't think much of their first single "Ulysses" whereas, their previous first releases off their other two album were blinding tunes. "No You Girls" is one of the only tracks that see Ferdinand back on form. I wouldn't recommend this CD but if you're a fan, you're going to check it out regardless. For people who are not yet convinced download "No You Girls", its brilliant.

  3.  Make Your Weekend Vampire!


    Vampire Weekend are fantastic, let's face it. Taking indie to the next level, their sound is unmistakable and in my opinion completely unique. I discovered this album quite a while after it was released as they have maintained under the radar for some time. "A-Punk", "Oxford Comma" and "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" are all funky, quirky classics. Another stand out track would have to be "The Kids Don't Stand A Chance". This album is a real ear pleaser and I would have to say one of the best indie band albums I have heard in a while! Can't wait to see what their second one is going to be like.

  4. Jigsaw


    Lady Sovereign - CD

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     It's so Sovereign, Yeah Yeah!


    Most people give Lady Sovereign a hard time. I've always found her offbeat urban sound refreshing and this album is a corker! She has injected quite a electro fresh vibe to this one and in my opinion it really works well. "So Human" is a good tune, with other tracks such as "Lets Be Mates", "Bang Bang" and "Jigsaw" adding humor, charisma and fun to this quality album. If your a Sovereign fan then buy immediately, if your not convinced yet download any of the tracks suggested first!

  5.  Go Noisettes, Go Noisettes, Go!


    As a fan of their under the radar first album, I was extremely excited about the release of their follow up album "Wild Young Hearts" and I must say, they really HAVE delivered. The album is a funky, cool and imaginative roller coaster with most of the tracks being stand out! "Don't Upset The Rhythm" speaks for itself, whilst "Sometimes" and "Never Forget You" show a smoother side (Reminiscent to Morcheeba). Personally, the best track on the album is the title track "Wild Young Hearts", it has summer anthem written all over it. I would recommend this album to most people with the utmost confidence.

  6.  Make It Yours!!


    This album shows a lot of promise for Jason Mraz. "I'm Yours" which was a radio favourite is a great track and the album has some other good'uns such as "Make It Mine", "Only Human" and "A Beautiful Mess". All in all it's a good chilled out album but it doesn't go many places and I feel like the best is yet to come with Jason Mraz....

  7.  Painful, Honest, Fun


    You can always rely on P!nk to release a decent album. This one surpasses her other's. The raw, honest edge is un ignorable however, she still manages to keep her fun rock edge alive and kicking. "So What" & "Why Did I Ever Like You" see P!nk doing what we all love her for, singing catchy instantaneous rock anthems. Whereas "Sober" & "I Don't Believe You" witness the vulnerable and pain riddled side to P!nk which really shines through. I must say, the highlight on the album for me is her third release "Please Don't Leave Me", this track is haunting as well as being quirky and catchy. If you don't buy the album download the track.

  8.  Heads Will Roll


    What can I say about this album? It's Blitz! A brilliant transition for the YYY's which shows off an edgy, fresh electro dance sound. The album really is an ear pleaser from start to finish. They have managed to appeal to a wider audience without selling out. Zero is a killer tune, whereas other instant masterpieces are: Heads Will Roll, Hysteric & Runaway. Everyone is talking about the album and once you get your copy you'll see why! Head's will roll....

  9.  A Star For Each Good Track.


    "The Boy Does Nothing" and "Breathe Slow" are both great tracks in their own right, there is no disputing that. The question is, where does the album really go after those two? "Let's Get Excited" is the third release and is only OK. I don't think the album is a great- but Alesha's infectious personality and ambitious drive could very well get her far. All in all, I wouldn't recommend it personally, but I would say download the tunes she has released.

  10.  Third Time REALLY Is... A Charm


    Let's face it these days Beyonce is pretty much the queen of R&B. If you didn't think so...Enter "I Am... Sasha Fierce". Catering to fans on a unique level, Beyonce has created two discs- one for upbeat club bangers and the other for heartfelt balads. Which is better? They actually compliment eachother. I Am holds some of the most obviously popular tunes with balads like "If I Were Boy", "Halo" and "Ave Maria" but Sasha Fierce is pumping with R&B instant hits like "Single Ladies", "Diva" and "Sweet Dreams". To sum up, this album isn't just for Beyonce fans, its for people who like a bit of diversity and just want to buy a damn good CD!