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    Any Yardbirds compilation deserves 5 stars and so does this ALMOST well put together CD. One comment: Where is the brilliant Beck instrumental 'Stealed Blues'.



    Superb BBC production. Great acting, excellent scripts, wonderful location. A well written & acted drama/comedy that works on so many levels. The actors fit so well, 'Cat' from Red Dwarf, Miller from 'Primeval' & the 'Worst week.. series'. If you missed it on t.v. then but the DVD - it's a gem!



    A masterpiece of an album from a career of masterpiece albums. There are so many songs to recommend, just go down the track listing. This album includes two of my personal favourites; the ode to Janis Joplin 'Chelsea Hotel No.2' & the beautiful 'Take This Longing' - interesting fact - this was also recorded by Buffy Sainte-Marie under the title 'The Bells'. Leonard Cohen is the finest songwriter/poet/performer of all time and this amazing album does not let his reputation down.



    The first live Cohen album, dating from the very early seventies. This recording is a mixture of dates/tours and contains some songs not available elsewhere. Is it worth it? It certainly is. I think this version of 'Bird on a Wire' far outshines the studio version and the spoken french introduction just adds that little something extra. So, if you haven't got this album, perhaps because you are not a fan of live recordings, cast your doubts to the wind and buy a piece of history. Leonard Cohen is one of the most important recording artists of this or any other decade.

  5. Future


    Leonard Cohen - CD

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    This album is often underrated and overlooked. The Future is a great track, Closing Time has some brilliant lyrics & Waiting For The Miracle grows on you. However, there is a gem hidden away, even I, a Cohen fan since 1968, almost overlooked this one, that is until I heard him perform it live at the O2 - Anthem - is a beautiful work, lyrically powerful, musically haunting. Cohen fans will already have and appreciate this album, but those on the who are not yet converted should check out this superb album.

  6.  Fine Comedy


    This is light entertainment at its best. Not in the same class as Frasier, but certainly holds its own with Cheers, Friends etc. Very enjoyable.



    The perfect album, is it? Well, yes! Imagine Sade at her slinky best, imagine the music of Leonard Cohen sung by Sade, get the picture? But that is unfair to Sharon Robinson, yes there are comparrisons to Sade and Ms Robinson sings and writes with the legendary LC, but, take all that away and you still have a brilliant, laid back album written and sung by possibly one of the greatest and most professional artists around. Cohen fans will know just how good she is. So why don't you go to 'downloads' and listen to a sound bite of the first track 'Invisible Tattoo', then buy the album.



    To long term fans of Leonard Cohen, this release is like an early Xmas present, the present that you have been dropping hints for since last Xmas. Only one track has previously been released from this legendary concert - 'Tonight Will Be Fine' on the 'Live Songs' album. So, anyone with doubts about the quality, check out that track and you will see it is good. Also, new recruits to the legion of Cohen fans, who, perhaps, have come to him via the 'Live in London' CD/DVD/concert, might also want to sound check that track as there is 40 years difference in his performance style. That is not to say don't buy this, but, it may take a few plays before the beauty of the songs and the strength of this early performance make this album as much an essential as the 2008 recording. All in all, this is an historic and wonderful performance from, perhaps, the greatest singer/songwriter ever. BTW, I was not at this concert, but did catch him at the Royal Albert Hall on the same tour and it was a very special event.



    Julie London recorded 3 albums just accompanied by a guitar (and occasional bass), these are the first two - the third is 'Julie is her Name 2' - these two albums are sublime, 'Cry me a River' is one of the best recordings of all time. This disc is amazing value. If you like sultry female singing there is none better and this music not only stands the test of time, but exceeds it. I cannot recommend this highly enough.



    I Was fortunate enough to see this concert, recorded at the O2 on 17th july 2008, it was simply awesome, like many, I sat too far away from the stage to really appreciate the artists, but this DVD will make up for that and re-ignite wonderful memories. For those who went, they know what to expect, for those who did not manage to get tickets, this is a must. Cohen at almost 74 was his best, humour and humility went hand in hand, he was in top form, the backing artists were superb, the songs were as fresh as the day they were first recorded (some over 40 years ago)special mention to Sharon Robinson. Fautless.