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  1.  Brilliant, Great Action/Comedy


    Shame this series is not longer! Great characters, very funny in places, lovely art, good music and action scenes. This anime could do with a lot more viewings, if you like bleach then I am sure you will like this.

    Would recommend this to all audiences, very laid back, easy going anime.

  2.  Just wow........


    Noein, is probably the most inpdeth anime I have ever watched - and I got totally hooked to it watching the entire series over a weekend. I bought it on a gamble and my god, I did not regret it!

    The concepts behind the plot are truly fascinating, really is in its own league - the characters are fantastic, each with their own story interlinking with each other across alternate dimensions.
    The intro/outro is also really really catchy lol!

    You will need to watch this carefully and pay attention, otherwise you will probably need to re-watch episodes again to really understand what is happening. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves ghost in the shell, eden of the east etc.

  3.  Cute Creeper!


    I can confirm you receive the plain green creeper as NOW* displayed on the picture. He comes in a very nice box, great idea for a present and sits nicely on your desk. He is larger than your average tea/coffee mug, his head is the only moving part which you can move in a lot of directions as its on a ball joint. Legs do not move.

    He is slightly pricey, and costs more than the actual game - but if you would like a nice desktop companion you will not go wrong =)

  4.  Great Item, Great Price!


    Collecting lots of props/busts/replicas - this is far by the best value for money I have seen in a long time. When most busts start at a 100/200 quid - you are getting a life size, painted gremlin, with a stand. Great show piece, takes pride and joy among my other gremlins.

    The paintwork is great, the box was slightly damaged but the gremlin was still in perfect shape. You could even go as far to mounting this guy on the wall if you wanted to!

    If you are a big fan of the gremlins, then you will not be disappointed. Remember this is a limited run of 1000, so get it whilst you can!

    Only Cons: He has NO articulation. I must stress this - he does not move! You cannot pose him.

  5.  Simply Beautiful


    This film is beautifully created, amazing visuals which are hard to beat. With the plot line based around relationships, and split into 3 chapters - it a short yet pleasant film to watch - which leaves the ending open to your own interpretation.

    I recommend at least watching it once.

  6.  Highly Recommended! Mind Blowing


    I have been buying alot of anime series by chance, this is one set I am certainly happy I purchased! If you love ghost in the shell, then you will love this. Great characters, and in depth plot with some good twists, very original! I normally prefer english dub on my animes, and again the dubbing is fantastic, good voices.

    There are 2 additional movies to this series, however you do not need to purchase them as the way the series ends you can be somewhat happy with. But if you want more, theres 2 more films with should give a "proper" ending! I have bought them but not yet watched ;o