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    Medal of Honor. One of the greatest war titles to be released on consoles through the generations. If you are a fan of the Medal of Honor games like me then you will have proberly have played them all. This is a completly new take on the series setting it in modern day warefare. A great idea which i think has been delivered superbly. Of course the comparison to Call of Duty has been made ever since it was in production. Of course nowdays every first person war game seems to be instantly compared to Call of Duty. Ok Call of Duty is undoubtable an excellent game franchise. It just that Activision beat EA Games to the punch and released a modern war idea first. However the feel and idea of these two games in different. Medal of Honor is designed for a realistic, rough, war torn feel. Call of Duty is designed for a smooth, hollywood style, action hero feel.
    Again Battlefield pops up as a comparison but again its going for a completly different angle on the war genre. Controllable vehicles and air combat / map destruction have never been part of the Medal of Honor franchise. Nor has it for Call of Duty. So people in my own opinion for these games to independently succeed we have to stop these ridiculous comparisons to three very individual game types. Ok they are all (now) modern war first person shooters but thats where the comparison should end. People, its ok to like all three games, i do! Sure they all have their downfalls but every game does, just enjoy them seperatly and with increased sales, the three producers could have enough income to produce some really excellent games. No doubt il recieve some remarks about this comment but someone had to say this.