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  1.  knock out


    Loved it from the moment I stuck it on. If you like boxing games I can't see it getting much better than this. Although the controls are easy to pick up this is not a button masher, you have to BOX clever in order to progress. The graphics are brilliant and add a touch of realism. At the current price you'll be pushed to get a better game.

  2.  not for me


    I was really looking forward to this but it disapointed me. All the boy and girls are back with their trade moves, but it same old same old, nothing new here. I just think that no real effort was used to improve this game. It just feels like they are cashiing in with th sf name.

  3.  harry fans rejoice


    I love harry potter the books and the films, so I had to give this a go. I was not disapointed, the detail at hogwarts is otstanding, the game plays a little slow but there is so much to do it will take hours to finish so at this price buy it. familly fun!!!!!

  4.  the force is with this


    I haven't played the originals so it is difficult for me to say if this is worth buying if you have played the other 2. I am new to this Lego franchise, and was a little worried about such a childish looking game, well I was wrong. The Starwars story is covered with a brilliant sense of humour from Phantom Menace right through to Return of the Jedi. It plays really well and is easy to pick up, the camera angles can be a little frustrating but that aside the playability is great. Although at 1st it seemed really easy you realise that to complete the game 100% you have to come back to the levels and complete them with characters with different abilities and explore every inch of each level (which I haven't done yet). You can also play as 2 players online or with a friend which again adds another angle too it, so there is plenty to get stuck into. I would recommend this to anyone with or without children it really is great entertainment that unlike other games doesn't take itself too seriously.

  5.  this really was a blast from the past


    I loved it and would gladly give this 5 stars but it would be unfair on those of you who don't know the Mazinger series of the late seventies, which will probably be most of you. Mazinger was not released in the U.K. due to censorship, but I grew up in Spain where Mazinger was massive(in more ways than one). Well this is a continuation of the Mazinger Z series and they have nailed it on the head. A must for those of us who grew up watching Mazinger as kids. I am not going give anything away but all our favorites characters are back and ready for action, the comedy aspect from the original is still here even if it is a little bit more adult, and the drawings are fantastic, as I have said if you like Mazinger you will love this, if you don't know Mazinger you may still enjoy it



    Loved it in the 80's and bumped it this on play. Loved it even more this time round because of the memmories. A must have for any prince fan

  7.  great intro to iron man roll on iron man 2


    Iron man was a great intro to this charecter, I just hope that Iron man 2 is not a let down.

  8.  good value for money


    two great familly films, with entertaning story lines for all ages. A must have for any marvel fan, great effects and action packed!!

  9.  £10 say no more


    spot on, what else could you get for a tenner, plentry of room for every thing you may need to carry with your lap top.

  10.  not quite all there


    having played res evil from the start I was really looking forward to this. It has a good storie line but atmosphere is not quite there. I would allways have this in my collection but although I completed res 4 3 times not sure I'll go back and do it with this one