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  1.  Deeply flawed - needs fixing


    My PC is pretty high spec, runs everything great, except this.... First up terrible browser based 'battlelog' with Origin (think Steam but ten times worse) and horrendous loading times.

    All of which would be forgiven if the game actually ran everytime but it fails half the time often after a long wait. It's shocking its not been sufficiently patched after all this time. I know several people who own this and ALL have the game crash at various stages.

    When you do get in and its often less about the player than what kit they are using. The addition of prone means many maps become a campers dream with little of the flow of the previous version.

    Many many other issues too many to list here but wish I'd waited till it was a fully patched polished (cheaper) product. But expect this review to vanish like many other not singing it's praises or critising Origin.

    Will probably be great (Origin scanning your hard disk aside) in a few months but for now...

  2.  The Best PC Game Ever?


    I've had this game 6 months now and still play online on a regular basis. There's so much depth and variety to the amazing gameplay you can never get bored. I believe this is probably the best PC game ever released. And it's still expanding and being tuned to perfection. You really do need Battlefield Bad Company in your life. Buy it now!

  3.  There's better elsewhere...


    I bought this game on release and completed the single player in hours. Then I played multiplayer till my soldier maxed which didn't take too long (this game even rewards you for dying stupidly!). I put up with the lag, tiny maps, steam, arcadey gameplay, plasticy (non destructable) scenery and small team sizes. Once I'd hit level 50 I went straight back to playing Bad Company 2 and instantly regretted the time I'd been away. I still play Bad Copmany 2 today where after many, many hours of entertainment I'm still only level 40. I've never once been tempted to go back to play Black Ops. My Advice, in case you haven't guessed, don't buy this, buy Battlefield BC2 instead. In my opinion it's so much more rewarding, in fact better in every way imaginable and currently about half the price! Seriously you'll thank me for this....

  4.  Dumbed Down and Disappointing


    Its years since I looked forward to a title as much as this but having lived with it a while I feel totally let down. It's been simplified in many areas exactly the opposite of what was needed. How can you just forget religeon, spying and loads of other great elements from Civ 4? In their place a simplified tech tree, annoyiing City states, units that wont stack, generals that cant lead but can build a pointless citadel?? Rubbish! To add insult to injury it runs like a dog on my i7 based pc on large scale games and even occasionally crashes! All so very very disappointing...

  5.  Had two die on me


    Work well until they break....

    Had two of these die on me within a few months of purchase. Recently spoke to someone else who'd had exactly the same problems. Think the problem is with the batteries.

    Recently bought the more expensive 708 (basically the same headset) and thats recently stopped responding as well.

    I'd never buy another Sony Ericsson headset and suggest you think carefully about it!