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  1.  LOOKS AMAZING (review of beta)


    im writing this review because i got invited to the little big planet vita beta. after playing the beta for a couple of days i have nothing but praises!! i thought it would be like the ps3 version but with less detail, but i was wrong ! it looks just as good as the ps3 version if not better! create mode feels so natural using your finger to make your creations instead of guiding the anolog stick, which ps3 users will know sometimes you cant get the shape you want perfectly, but on the vita by using your finger you make the right creation every time. LBP vita has so many more feautures which make it more incredible than the ps3 version such as the new touchscreen and gyroscope micro chips in create mode using the full potential of the vita. you can also add levels to your queue while on the go so you can play them when you get back home (i dont think the 3g is capable of loading the level). all though the feature is not available in the beta in the retail version you will be able to copy all your decorations/stickers/costumes from little big planet 1 and 2 and they will work on your. the interface is user friendly and easy to pick upon great for new comers to the franchise.

    for me after playing the beta this is a day one purchase due to it exceding my expectations and how it is little big planet 2 but with so much more, i hope this helped give you an idea of the game if you were uncertain about not being as good as the ps3 version.



    Although i bought the collectors edition for 40 pounds (now 60 pounds :/) i put my review on the normal game as most people wont buy the collectors edition now. Anyway this game is must buy for any assassins creed fan, personally i have played every assassins creed to date and this is just phenomenal, however i think the story doesnt flow a smooth as the other games but it has an EPIC ending in store for you :D the games graphics look so much better to me and the map of Constantinople (todays turkey) has so much more detail compared to AC brotherhood and that had a lot of detail but this is so much more. i'd say its a must buy now as it is only 23.99 i've spent over 20 hours playing the game nearly got my platinum trophy :D. i'd recommend buying it new as the used copys wont included a ubipassort which is required to play online (this costs an extra 7.99 on the playstation store ) PLUS you get assassins creed 1 free already on the disc so you can play the origanal game all over again + its excellent if you havent played the first game. also if ur new to the franchise id recommend playing AC 2 first as you'll get more of a feel for ezio's character and who he is and if u have the money buy brotherhood to if not jus get AC 2 (buy it used if you wish as it does not have a multiplayer option so the is no online passport)