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  1.  PGR4 - This is what online Racing is all about


    Project Gotham Racing 4 (PGR4) is the 4th in the series and a return to the good old days. For those of you that hadn't played the previous versions, PGR1 was good, PGR2 was great and PGR3 was sadly a bit of a let down.
    PGR4 however gets everything right and is a fantastic driving game and fully lives up to all the hype and expectation that preceeded it.

    There are alot of new features from the previous version with the most noticable being the addition of motorbikes.
    I was quite sceptical of this at first, but to be honest, it works and works really really well. It just adds a different dimension to an already fantastic game. Powering down the straights at 200mph + with the sound pumping out is an audio and visual treat, at times it just blows you away.

    There are 2 main parts to the game, the single player and the mulitplayer.
    The single player game consists of an arcade mode which is great, but the main part is the career.

    The career mode has been thought about carefully and is based around the calender, as different events come up some you get straight in and race and others you have to qualify for if your ranking is below what is required. For each race you win you pick up Kudos which can be exchanged for a extensive amount of cars and bikes in the shops.
    Unlike PGR3, where you could buy the best cars straight away and pretty much finish the game with, PGR4 makes you work for you cars more, which only adds to the enjoyment. Add to that some very intelligent and at times dirty AI (Computer) players it just makes it even more thrilling and enjoyable.

    The game really comes into its own on the Mulitplayer game, its good on split screen if your playing with a mate, but playing on Xbox Live, with a packed grid of other human drivers all willing to do what it takes to win really gets the adrenalin pumping.
    The only way online racing can be beaten is by hosting a game with all your mates, with so many different tracks and cars/bikes to choose from, the banters flying almost as quick as the racing and its very easy to lose a night just playing this.

    The graphics and sound are just amazing they really make the game and are stunningly accurate to the citys there based on.
    For anyone thinking about buying this game i'd say.. what are you thinking about ??? Just go buy it, its absolutely awesome and the best in the PGR series so far.

    Graphically stunning, the sound is magnificent, controls are easy and responsive and with mulitplayer online the game play just has everything..
    As close to perfection as your gonna get - 99% a truly excellent game.

    Go get it now or you'll regret it !