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  1.  its ok


    ok this game its good but not brilliant, graphically this could be alot better. and is it just me or does everyone realise how much this is like zelda? its like a copy but with a different theme! this game is not for everyone so beware!

  2.  hmmm quite interesting!


    ok first of all this film is NOT scary one bit! i would call it more freaky than scary. i really dont see how people get scared by this cos to be honest you dont really see much, my sister was telling me how scared i would be watchin this so i did to see what the fuss was about and to be honest i was quite dissapointed as i was expecting to see alot more happen. even my girlfriend who is a real big wuss watched this with me and didnt find it scary. i would say this was a very interesting experience watching it and is not 1 to be missed. great acting to. micah had real guts to do what he did! for me 4/5 stars!!

  3. SAW



    3 New from  £26.02  Free delivery

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     its not bad!


    ok i havent bought this game and im glad i didnt as its not worth the money thats being asked for. i rented it luckily. before playing i didnt have much expectations of this game anyways i thought it would be pretty terrible but i was rather suprised! its not brilliant though i tell u now its just ok. story pretty much follows the films. its more puzzle based and u get the odd random nut jobs come after ya. fighting system kinda sucks. graphics are ok and the voiceover is pretty good! this game kinda reminds me abit like silent hill i'd say. this game is worth a play so i do suggest renting it if you do want to play it. u wil find its not a bad game at all and for all you people crazy about getting aload of trophies then this is an easy platinum for ya!

  4. JLS


    JLS - CD

    27 New from  £1.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13

     its ok


    ok i wernt a huge jls fan in the first place but i did like beat again and everybody in love when they were released so bought the album with high expectations. i really dont believe this is a 5 star album. im not saying its bad dont get me wrong it is good but its not brilliant. i find it rather boring due do to all the songs pretty much sound the same to me and theres no real variety.but sayin that jls fans would love this though so u wouldnt regret buying it!

  5. Echo


    Leona Lewis - CD

    21 New from  £2.52  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.13



    i dont have to go on about how amazing her voice is as im sure you people know. this is a brilliant album. i loved her first album spirit but this tops it for me. not 1 track u want to skip. there are a number of stand out tracks but as a whole is a top album and well worth buying. album of the year!

  6.  great!


    ok this is alot better than last years for a start. graphics are brilliant and its just a better game of football, ive got fifa 10 to and this beats it for me. 1 this i am abit concerned about though is the comp player on this. was playin a match and 1 of the oposite defenders walked the ball in his on net for an own goal? but thats the only fault ive seen so far other than that top game!

  7.  1 of the best on the ps3 to date!


    Best game i have played since metal gear solid 4! This is a brilliant game. Uncharted 1 was a brilliant game and this easily tops that. Brilliant campaign is about the same length as the first. The online multiplayer is great and im loving the online co-op missions. This game has that something that tomb raider doesnt have. Must own for all ps3 owners especially ones who loved the first. 10/10

  8.  top film!


    Ok obviously matty89 has an odd sense of humour cos this is a terrific film and i really dont see how anyone could possibly find this funny considering this actually happens in the real world today! Women are getting taken, drugged, raped and killed everyday so how could you possibly find this hilarious? Is a must watch for me 1 of them best films ive seen couldnt take my eyes off it on first watch. Buy it!

  9.  couldnt ask for a better headset!


    this is the best headset out there for the ps3 right now. can hear people clearly. people can hear me clearly so got no problems there. the headset is also alot smaller than i thought to! if you want a headset for the ps3. look no further and BUY THIS!!

  10.  pretty good!


    ok first of all this is so much better than the 1st one. being a transformers fan i was very dissapointed with the 1st like most people were. this 1 is pretty good. decent graphics not brilliant, got the original cast for voiceovers which is cool. transforming is excellent! you have 2 halfs of a campaign playing as either autobots or decepticons which lasts a while and you have goals to aim for to unlock special content such as old cartoon episodes!! online aint bad but could do with a few more modes which i hope they bring out an expansion for at sum point. all in all not bad and if your a transformers fan you should like this. if ya not then i believe its worth a go!