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  1.  Great Quality!


    I never realized when buying this that it is an official Minecraft tee. I just thought it was Play.com's take on it or something but it's actually a Mojang official product! The tee has a really nice, comfortable feel and the Small size fits me well. However, I'm a bit apprehensive about sticking it in the washing machine because previous tee's bought off Play have shrunk to a pulp in the machine. Also, It isn't a grey color like featured in the picture, it's just black with the graphic on the front! However, don't let this put you off! If you love the game and want a tee, then this is for yee! ;)

  2.  Days is better..


    28 Weeks Later is a good movie, but does not compare with the atmosphere produced by 28 Days Later.



    Yes okay, Hauppauge have always been an expensive make, but its for a reason. No other HD gaming capture device I've seen/used performs with the efficiency and quality of this device. When I picked this up for 200 pound I was a bit apprehensive to say the least but hay-ho it has never let me down. Don't waste 60 pounds on a Roxio or something because it just doesn't produce the same quality as this.

  4.  P11's!


    For what I've been told are the Cheapest Turtle Beach gaming headphones, I thought I'd check them out as friends have told me Turtle Beach are an outstanding brand! All I can say is if these are the Cheapest Turtle Beaches out of all available on the market, I'd love to see the expensive ones!!!! Honestly, these are the equivalent of Dr Dre Beatz for gaming, the surround sound feels like you're in the game, and picks up little bits of sound detail you'd never originally have know was even there. The microphone is also great quality, and friends say they can hear me loud and clear with limited background noise!

    Best headphones/mic I've ever bought!

  5.  Kingston


    I've recently been using really high memory using programs on my laptop, and having quite a small amount of ram my computer started to suffer the consequences. So instead of making an upgrade that would get me buy I bought 2 of these cards and my laptop now has 8gb of ram. I honestly can't express how pleased I am with them. Multi-tasking is not a problem when using large programs and gaming is so incredibly lag free and smooth. If you have a laptop with DDR3 RAM specs and you're looking to upgrade you can't go wrong here!

  6.  Quality Mouse For The Price!


    I have an Alienware laptop, and when I bought my computer I purchased the Official Alienware Mouse along with it. It's served me well, but after long use its come to its end. So I was looking for a cheap, easy to get mouse for a replacement. Okay so its not a 50 pound Alienware mouse but hey, I tell you what its not far wrong. Great sleek and firm design, light weight and strong build it really is the perfect mouse for me. Okay it has a few downsides like the cable drags the mouse as it weighs more than the mouse, but seriously I couldn't have asked for a better mouse for the price! Trust me, if you just need a spare or a replacement, don't waste 70 pounds buying some top notch mouse when you can get the same quality for no more than a tenner!

  7.  Sigh No More


    If there was so such thing as the best Music, quite simply and literally this comes exceptionally close!

  8.  Logitech!!


    I have always loved the gear produced by Logitech, whether it be speakers, microphones or gaming accessories; they always seem to amaze me with the quality and durability. This little mic definitely follows suit to my expectations. It has a great presentational look, and sits nicely upon my desk with my Logitech speakers. The stand is a nice firm plastic build, with a hard metal underside weighing it down to give it a better feel. The mic unit itself pivots forwards and backwards to best fit your requirements, and the audio input quality is almost as good as professional condenser mics I've used in the past, as it blocks out a hell of a lot of background noise! The USB 2.0 cable is at least 3ft long, which is very useful if using the mic from a distance from your computer, another benefit, is this mic is very good for use on a games console and keeps up with the gaming. Finally, the little power LED button on the base unit really adds to the professional look of the mic and allows an easy muting function. Definitely 5/5, well done Logitech!!

  9.  S220 Speaker System!


    The delivery speed wasn't the fastest I've ever had, but maybe that's just because they're quite a large item. There are literally only extremely minor flaws with these speakers!! :D The bass output from the sub woofer is excellent for such a small unit, the 2.1 surround sound on the satellite speakers is a great quality and can withstand the heaviest dubstep :P, and the whole build and frame of the set is very firm and robust. Both the sub woofer and the speakers have a nice finish, the speakers being glossy, and shiny, where as the sub woofer is hard and feels well built. The only flaws I could pose really, is the little volume changing unit which sits upon your desk could be a little bit heavier, simply because the cable connecting it to the sub woofer and speakers is heavier than the unit itself, causing it to drag towards the back of the desk. So if you're looking for an awesome 2.1 surround sound speaker set, why haven't you clicked the buy button!!! :D

  10.  USB Mini Hub!


    Bought this a few days ago expecting just a standard, cheap piece of kit for extra use, haha turned out to be a really good buy! Came within 3 days of purchase in good packaging. Comes with a USB extension lead too which is helpful, Also has a nice little colour changing LED and good protective plastic casing. Great Buy, very happy!!