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  1.  Immortals after dark book 10


    Demon from the dark has a really different tone to the other "Immortals" books. Most of the other books are REALLY hot stuff with some action humour and romance thrown in. I found this to be be more romance and action with a little bit of the hot stuff but very little humour. I quite liked the change in tone although I hope it goes back to what it was for the next book.
    Carrow the witch has featured in passing in the previous stories and here we find out the explanation for her wild behaviour. She finds herself in a difficult situation, captured and forced to betray a vemon she has never met to save her adopted daughter. The vemon concerned, Malkom, is a great character; the absolute highlight of the book. Their scenes together in the first half of the book are great to read. They struggle to communicate, with Malkom having forgotten English and Carrow having very limited demonish. So when he recognises her as his other half, his attempts to explain to her how he feels are so endearing. They made my heart go flip-flop.
    There is a side-plot that has been running through the last few books about Lothaire and his mysterious goals and another about various immortals being snatched from their families. These plotlines both continue and are left to be concluded in further books. There are also clear openings for Regin's story, Lanthe's story and possibly Lothaire's story.
    Recommended to Kresley Cole fans.

  2.  Good but not the best in the series


    I was pleasantly surprised by this installement of the "Dark" series.
    Knowing what I did about Solange from Maryann and Manolito's book, I was prepared to be very annoyed by my heroine, who I expected to be prickly and defensive and resistant to lovely Dominic. However, she has been keeping her real character a secret from us so far and she is actually very different; gentle, likeable. Dominic was also refreshing; still an Alpha male type but calm and patient. Not at all what I was expecting.
    I really liked their chemistry, enjoyed the fact that there wasn't a lot of aggressive male posturing and demands throughout the story for a change. They try to find a way to get along with each other whilst also dealing with the problem of the male Jaguars that has been mentioned in other books.
    There perhaps wasn't as much action in this book and Ms.Feehan decided to keep this story very much focused on the couple, missing opportunities to feature Manolito, MaryAnn and Juliette, which was a shame. She did let us meet Zacharius de la Cruz though which was a huge bonus!
    The downside for me was the insistance on translating the Carpathian language when it is used throughout the book and the ridiculous load of nonsense in the glossary at the end of the book. The horrible, indulgent chants need not be in the book at all. If people want to read them or get translations, direct them to her website where they are readily available and can even be listened to in audio. There's no need to put them in the book especially at the back where I was fooled into thinking that I still had 50 lovely pages of story to read!

    Buy this, if you have liked the other Dark Carpathian novels.

  3.  Slightly boring paranormal romance


    I really hate to say this about a book, but I found "A Quick Bite" quite boring. This was so bland and lacking in excitement that I can't really be bothered to give the rest of the series a chance.
    The two main characters Greg and Lissianna are nice enough. Lissiana is a vampire with an unusual phobia and Greg is her birthday present from her mother. The problem is that Greg is a bit of a dull character and Lissiana seems immature, especially on an emotional level. I also just didn't buy the phobia thing at all.
    The storyline is very slow to get going. I was past half-way when I finally felt even close to interested in where it was going and the pace still took another couple of dips after that. The shocking event that happens three quarters of the way through, could be seen coming from miles away and it was completely obvious who was responsible. I found it an annoying and pointless diversion to be honest. The other characters in Lissiana's family served little or no purpose and were quite irritating. They slowed the pace of the story whenever they popped up.This novel was inoffensive but it certainly doesn't inspire me to read any more of the series.

  4.  Historical romance


    I enjoyed this book. It's a historical romance set in Scotland charting a period of feuding between several clans.
    Isabelle and Rory are caught up in an attempt to halt the feud. He, the head of his clan, is handfasted to her, daughter of a rival clan for a period of a year. Rory intends to return her to her family at the end of the handfast in revenge for the way they treated his sister. In turn, Isabelle has been forced into promising that she will steal a vaulable artifact from Rory's clan for her uncle and that she will reveal as many of their secrets as she can find out.
    Rory is a strong, gruff and handsome highlander with a heart of gold; a character that is easy to warm to. Isabelle is a kind and gentle soul but McCarty manages not to make her annoying or insipid. She's feisty when she needs to be. The chemistry between the characters as they try to muddle along in the handfast without falling for each other is very good; well written. There's plenty of battle and bedroom action as well ;) The side characters of Rory's siblings were well-written and really added to the story and the climax of the book was exciting enough to hold my attention. The book's not without flaws (occasional unrealistic dialogue, for example) but it's well-worth a read. The style reminded me of Kresley Cole or Gena Showalter but without the paranormal aspect.
    I'd recommend it to anyone that likes historical romantic drama with a touch of action.

  5.  Historical romance


    If you like historical romance and highlander novels, then this is worth reading. The characters do come from her earlier novels but it doesnt matter if you haven't read them. If you do want to read them in order: book 1 Highlander Untamed, book 2: Highlander Unmasked 3rd book: Highlander Unchained. This one is book 4. The story is about Caitrina, who must make an advantageous marriage and Jamie who is a feared "henchman" for a local laird, trying to keep peace between the different clans at the behest of the King. Early on in the book, Caitrina finds herself alone and marrying Jamie, whom she is attracted to but does not trust, believing him to have had a hand in her family's downfall.
    The story has plenty of chemistry between the leads, plenty of turmoil and misunderstanding and all set in a lovely Scottish background. I found the characters well-written: Caitrina is a little spoilt but self-aware loyal and hard-working; Jamie is proud, principled, fierce but good-hearted. I did like them both which always helps. I read it in a day and enjoyed it.
    These romance novels can be cheesy and are often poorly written, but I found this one did not suffer from these problems.Give it a try and definitely pick up her other novels, if you like this one.

  6.  Okay but not a must-read


    I found the world that Nalini Singh has created for this series fascinating. I love the contrast between the Psy and the Changelings and I was interested to find out more about how they interact. It was a very good premise to have a Psy character who has been hiding her imperfections from the rest of her race for some time. Lucas is the perfect domineering male shape-shifter Changeling character and Sascha is well-written as a cold Psy who secretly feels emotion.
    Where the book falls down is the large amount of "glossing over" that Ms Singh is keen on. Lucas and Sascha's relationship happens very quickly but has little or no explanation throughout. At the end, I had no real idea what sort of relationship they were having. The contrast between Lucas' world and what Sascha is used to is touched upon but not expanded in any detail. We have no clue as to how the sudden change affects her. There is some heat between the characters but nothing to get excited about. I was interested in them but I wasn't really willing them to get together which is surely the point of the book? A good start but serious room for improvement.

  7.  Worth a read


    I have resisted this book for some time. I love Kresley Cole and especially the Immortals After Dark Series and I do like Gena Showalter and her Lords of the Underworld series. What put me off was that the Gena Showalter story included here was from her Alien Huntress series and I just can't get excited about aliens.
    Kresley Cole: I would suggest that you need to have read at least the first 3 or 4 of the Immortals After Dark series and especially the short story in Playing Easy to Get in order to get the most from this story. This story is Daniela the Ice Maiden's. She cannot be touched because any heat direct to her skin causes excruciating burns. How then, is she to cope with the fact that she is a vampire's bride; when he must touch her or be in excruciating pain himself? That problem is in addition to the fact that she is also fending off members of her own race who are trying to assassinate her for a crown that she doesn't even want.
    This is up to the expected high Kresley Cole standard and fits nicely with her other stories in the series. I really enjoyed it.

    Gena Showlater story: I had low low expectations of this but I was surprised! The story is about Breanna who is hiding among special forces, wearing someone else's body and appearance. In an operation gone wrong, she finds herself captive to a group of peaceful aliens trying to resurrect their own race and avoid the disease that decimated them in the first place. How can she go about resisting the infinite charms of the alien leader whilst freeing her associates, keeping her identity hidden and without endangering the peaceable aliens that have captured her? This story had plenty of action and plenty of sizzle too.
    I enjoyed this book much more than I thought and I would recommend it to fans of either author because both of the stories are of good quality.

  8.  Interesting but lacking something


    This is the second in the Psy Changeling series and I would strongly recommend that you do read the first Slave to Sensation because the characters from that book feature fairly strongly again in this one.
    This book introduces us to the F Psy; those that have foresight and, in particular, Faith, the Psy who is believed to be the strongest visionary of them all. She is kept in almost full seclusion with barely any privacy of her own, whilst she makes a lot of money for her family and those that employ her to see the future. However, F Psy are known to descend into madness and Faith has the additional difficulty of trying to understand her sister's recent murder; a murder that she had visions of. She finds herself daring to look at what else is outside of her confined world and collides with a jaguar changeling, Vaughn, who struggles to keep his beast beneath the surface. Can he help her to find a life outside of the Psy world?
    This book is identical in style to the first, which is fine, but I found the first book and therefore this one, lacking something. The characters are interesting; the Psy/Changeling world is still quite fascinating, but I still couldn't describe it as a page-turner. There is something unsatisfying about the dialogue a lot of the time. It is occasionally shockingly cheesy and at other times, gives away too little of what the people are feeling. In contrast, sometimes the narrative explains too much of what they feel; things that are obvious or that have been said before. It's a bit frustrating because the whole Psy world is so interesting that I really wish the books were better.

  9.  Jaz Parks series continues


    This is book 7 out of 8 in the Jaz Parks series and it continues the high quality, humorous, action-filled, paranormal world that Rardin has previously created.
    Having left Jaz at the end of Bite Marks with Brude safely locked away in a corner of her brain and with her rather happily hooked up with her vampere partner Vayl, we start this book in quite a different place. Firstly, Brude's presence in Jaz's brain is causing problems. Nose bleeds are the first sign that Brude is definitely fighting to get out. Secondly, Vayl appears to have woken up under a curse that has sent his mind hurtling back in time. He doesn't recognise any of the team and instead to believes them to be members of his household from the 1700s. Quite painfully for Jaz, he thinks that she is his married housekeeper. So, the team are working on two or three problems at the same time. Can they keep Vayl under control when he is trying feed the old-fashioned way and can they find out who has cursed him, why and then lift it? Can they make sure that the demon Kyphi keeps to her promise and leads them to the artifact that can save Jaz?
    I loved this installment in the story. The sharp, witty dialogue is still there; the relationship between all the characters is still excellent; the storyline still whips along at a good pace. There are also some very moving moments between Jaz and Vayl when she desperately wants him to recognise who she is. It's very well-written.

    If you have been enjoying the series, you won't be disappointed because this is excellent. I am so looking forward to the final installment :)

  10.  Feels like the beginning of something


    Jacqueline Frank has created an interesting world in this novel. There are various tribes and races, some aggressive, some peaceful. The Sange are a closed group, reviled by others due to rumours of their drinking blood. They all have "pathic" abilities, whether to heal, see someone's past, feel emotions or read minds. The leader of the Sange, Reule, finds a dirty dishevelled woman who has no memory but has clearly suffered great trauma. When he finds her, she whispers "Drink of me" something that really "floats his boat" but she isn't truly concious. He takes her in and tries to help her find out her origins and discovers a deep attraction for her along the way.
    This is reported to be a stand-alone novel, but I can't help but feel that it would be better suited as the first novel in a series. The world of the Sange is only briefly introduced and there are lots of interesting characters that only get a small amount of time dedicated to them. Reule has a "Pack" of men that fulfil a range of roles in his court and each of them are interesting enough to warrent their own book. In fact, one of them even seems to have the beginnings of his own book laid out at the end of this one, even going so far as to have a potential mate lined up in the wings.
    This book is worth a read if you enjoy paranormal romance. The male characters make interesting reading. The female character, Mystique, is nice enough (although she seems strangely unconcerned about her past life most of the time)and their relationship feels genuine. The reason for the 3 stars is the fact that the book feels very introductory, rather than fully fleshed out plus the fact that there is rather more cheesy dialogue than I am usually willing to put up with in this genre.