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  1.  Quite a Good Album


    Being a massive Eminem fan, I thought I would give this album a go after hearing Read All About It on the radio which is a great song. It is quite good and has some great songs like At Your Inconvenience, Today I Cried and Forever Falling. Although I have the feeling he is trying to be a exact british version of eminem with the celeb mocks and silly words. He is trying to be too similar to him because of his success. I have the feeling this album is trying to be similar to the Marshall Mathers LP, which is a fantastic album and one of the best ever, but this album isn't as good. I don't think the album is consistent enough which is why I'm giving it 4 stars. There are some pretty poor songs like D.P.M.O and Trouble. But to be fair it is pretty good. The collaboration with Royce da 5'9', (Eminem's Bad Meets Evil partner) is good to have and could get him a song with Eminem which I think would be good to hear. If you like eminem, I would say give this a go but I hope his next album is more consistent.

  2.  This book has everything


    As the title says, this book has everything you need to know about The Simpsons and more. An amazing 1200 pages are used for this book as well as 80 pages just for the index and shows every single episode from seasons 1-20, including the treehouse of horror episodes and picks out the best dialogue from each show, a summary and the stuff you may have missed from each show. For example, in the episode 'Maximum Homerdrive', where Homer and Bart go to deliver a lorry after the owner died after winning a steak competition against Homer, "The Stuff You May Have Missed" says, The Slaughterhouse features a neon sign with a cowboy chainsawing off a smiling cow's head, and The body bag they put Red into reads, I Died At The Slaughterhouse.

    Not only do they show you all that, but they show you every couch gag, every sentence Bart has to write on the blackboard in the opening credits, every phrase ever shown on the Church's marquee, every time Homer has sad D'oh and Mmm, every Itchy and Scratchy episode, every piece of Krusty merhandise, every film Troy Mcclure has said he has been in, every song sung on The Simpsons and all the characters and who has voiced them, including the character's that have only featured in one or two episodes. Oh yeah, and all the celebrities guests who have voiced their own character or other characters all in this huge book which is worth getting for the price it is.

  3.  Do Get This Book


    I have read a few football autobiographies before and this one is up there with the best. As serious it is about the things he has done in his life, he can still have a laugh about it which makes better to read. Some of the things he got up to during his time as a professional footballer will make your sides split because you won't believe some of the things that happened. Rather than how not to be a professional footballer, the title might well have been how not to live your life. He tells you what happens when the drinking, gambling and drugs do to him and I am shocked as to what he actually did and how bad his problems were but he is brave enough to tell everyone about it all and is honest which is why this book is so good. I say you buy it if you are a football fan because it is funny as well.

  4.  Unreliable


    I bought this headset from Play a couple of months ago. I bought it because of the price and how good it looked after my original headset broke. I now know why it is the price it is. My headset is now becoming really dodgy and I can't hear my friends online but they can hear me. I will be able to hear them for a good 30 seconds then I won't be able to hear them for the next 10 minutes but they still hear me. If the price is too good to be true then it probably is, just like this product. Don't get it because it will only stop working after a couple of months.

  5.  Guess Who's Back!!!


    Eminem seems to be back to his best and has produced a decent album and the best one since the Eminem Show. Although it is in 3rd place (behind Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show), it is a good album with the hit songs Not Afraid, Love The Way You Lie and No Love in with other good songs such as Going Through Changes, Space Bound and 25 To Life. The only problem is it doesn't have the consistency that the other two albums had. There are a few bad songs in there like Seduction, So Bad and On Fire. This is a good album and all but it is just Eminem all the way through and I would like to see Slim Shady come back in future albums as I enjoy having a mixture in albums as there was in The Marshall Mathers and The Eminem Show. But get this if you are an Eminem fan if you don't already have it because Eminem is back to his best.

  6.  Good to listen to


    Didn't know what to expect when I heard about this but this isn't a bad album with eminem bein brilliant as usual. Royce da 5'9' is quite good but there is no one like eminem. The best songs in my opinion are Fast Lane, Take from Me and Echo. I can only find 2 bad songs which are The Reunion and Loud Noises. As good as this is, I hope Eminem goes solo again as I prefer his other albums like The Eminem Show and Recovery and hope next year or after he makes his own albums again. But I would recommend buying this if you are an Eminem fan.

  7.  Eminem's greatest piece of work


    As mentioned in the title this is, in my opinion the greatest album Eminem has made. Although it is not as emotional as the Marshall Mathers LP, it has some great songs on the album like Without Me, Superman and Business. I cannot think of a bad song on the album and is a must buy. Just Get IT.

  8.  Mind Blowing


    This guy is unbelieveable!! I watched the series on TV and he amazes me how he does his tricks. I thought David Blaine was amazing but Dynamo does tricks that seem impossible and will become one of the greatest magicians of all time. If you haven't seen the show on telly then I thoroughly recommend that you buy this DVD because you have no idea what you will miss out on if you don't get it.