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  1.  a truly great show!


    its a show full of twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation one minute, and laughing at the silliness of it all the next. the music is brilliant too and so catchy! i would rate this one as something both guys and girls can watch. even though the 2 main characters are gay there is also a heterosexual couple in the anime and there aren't any really intimate scenes shown or anything either. its a show which is more focused on relationships and what it takes to become famous. the only complaint i have is that it ended too soon.

  2.  crazy fun!


    the theme song for this show rightly has the words "spinning around" in the lyrics. why? because that's exactly what this show does to your head (in a good way). there are all these different characters and you just have no idea whats going to happen next. its a fun mystery to guess who will end up with who. its one of the funniest hair-brained animes around. a romantic comedy for anyone to watch.

  3.  a great chick flick!


    this movie is great for the ladies but, i doubt it will impress the lads. i usually hate movies where there is a bit of cheating going on however, in this movie i totally understand why. anyone who loves kate hudson esp in bride wars will enjoy it or perhaps fans of ginnifer goodwin in he's just not that into you. plenty of women will be swooning over the leading man i'm sure. if he's not your type there is always john krasinski to look forward to in the supporting role as the guy BFF.

  4.  best bbc drama ever made!


    i honestly think there has never been a better series from bbc. it is a fantasy drama but, it also has plenty of action and bucket loads of laughs. i even got people who usually hate this kind of thing to watch it. the fact that there is now a fourth season out and most likely a fifth on the way should count for something as well i'd think.
    since this is the third season boxset i can safely say that it is just as good if not even better than season one.
    i would highly recommend buying any if not all of them.
    merlin is a series that never gets old *

  5.  best of the rest!


    this is in one of the best anime series out there. i am actually shocked that i was able to get it so cheap. even though it is worth paying a good bit of cash to watch it, everyone loves a bargain. the series is absolutely brilliant! i can't stress that enough. you get completely hooked as soon as you start watching it and the end of each episode leaves you hungry for more. believe me when i say its a worthy choice for the collection.
    buy it!
    you wont regret it :D