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  1.  MUST BUY - Excellent game !


    Not much to say other than this is by far the best game released so far on the PS3. It's probably the best single player game I have ever played on any console. The multiplayer is also very good. The graphics are stunning, the cut scenes are excellent. It's like watching and playing a movie in one. If you have a PS3 then you MUST BUY THIS GAME !

  2.  Excellent Value !


    Bought this as a replacement for my Nikon which broke on last holiday. This was on sale for £99 when I purchased it through PLay.com, which I think is excellent value.
    - small, easy to hold and very light
    - LCD is very big, bright in any light and very crisp with good colours
    - 8 mp is fantastic for any quick shot
    - face recognition, so finds the face and focuses on that
    - Intelligent mode is brilliant, changes setting according to light and type of picture you take - fantastic idea.
    - Videos come out in excellent quality and sound very good compared to other cameras I have owned
    - Battery lasts a long time, quick to charge
    - comes with all wires to download to computer/show on tv etc

    - Doesn't have mode shooting (ie. Party/Beach/Portrait)...instead it uses the intelligent mode which is a good replacement mode.
    - can be a bit fiddly in larger hands as camera is small

    Not many disadvantages, which is why I rate this high. I also use a SLR camera most of the time, so this is a good backup. It actually took some photo's better than that in some lights, thats how good this camera is. I would recommend this to anyone thinking of buying a camera whether they had a big or small budget.

  3.  ONe of my best albums ever!


    Elbow seem to get better and better each album. Got this the day it came out and instantly loved it. The music is fantastically written, wonderful lyrics as usual and perfect melodies.

    A must buy !

  4.  average to say the least.


    Found this pretty boring. Demo was average and I must admit, I probably wont be buying this now. Shame, i think Halo has run it's course.

  5.  Fantastic !


    Hear some people moaning about slow movement. This is part of the realsim and is not like cod controls. You can also adjust aiming/zoom in the options menu and also change the control layout to the cod layout. Graphics are the best i have seen, and the gameplay immense, and this is just the demo. I cannot wait for the full game.

  6.  Just unbelievable


    Never played anything quite like this game. It's very hard to explain, so why even think about whether to get this, just do it, another classic which will be around for years. It's taking me at least 40 hours to create my own level to upload, and loving it - wohooo! GO Sackboy

  7.  Great game !


    I found this a fantastic game, having played the single player missions (also on co-op mode online with friends) i can definite say that this is better than cod4. The multiplayer is excellent too, with larger maps, more guns/perks and tactics which come into play. The graphics are better than cod4 which is saying something and i find myself more addicted to this. The guns are different which is good, so people can't really compare them to cod4, as it's a different war/time. I actually think you need more still with these, not so accurate, which is good. Anyway a must buy for anyone with a ps3 !

  8.  Brilliant !


    I was thinking that these would be a little cheap and not really worth it, but after clicking them on (Easy peasy) it took me no time at all to get used to them. Fantastic for games such as Warhawk and COD4. Definitely worth the money !

  9.  Great game !


    We purchased the solus as we had the buzzers from previous games on the ps2, and they work fine. THe game itself looks brilliant in HD, with lots more characters to choose from and ALOT more varied questions (not American). It has online support to play against anyone in the world and you can even create your own quiz online (if you manage to log in). I have had problems with this which is why I give it 4 starts.
    Great game for the family and at parties, worth the money if you have the buzzers already.

  10.  Wonderful !


    This game is great. It can be compared to Tomb Raider, but it much better. The story is good and the cinematic videos are entertaining. The gameplay itself is superb with easy controls and brilliant AI. The location and graphics are stunning, in HD this really looks special. It's a great game that will keep you entertained for a long time. It also has trophy support with lots of challenges to aim for. This was definitely worth purchasing, even when it was £40, let alone at this price.... MUST BUY NOW !