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  1.  Awesome!!


    This game is a must buy, loads better than Dirt and Sega rally! Cars handle really well, and feel as though they have a bit weight to them, and the graphics are really good.

  2.  Better than Pro Street!


    For all those people on the fence about this game after playing pro street, don't worry this game is a lot lot better. The handling of the cars has gone back to how it used to be, the graphics are good, maybe not as good as Grid but then its not a realistic racer its an arcade! The cut scenes are cool, sure there is a lot of loading time but what game doesn't have that nowadays. There are some frame rate issues but I'm sure EA are working on a patch to sort that out. If you liked the need for speed games prior to pro street then I would say buy this you will love it!

  3.  Just bought one!


    Just purchased one of these and to answer the guy belows question, yes you can transfer all your data including gamer tag, game saves, arcade games plus any downloaded content for your games that you may have like extra multi player map packs........ you get the transfer cable with it so you can make a one time transfer to the bigger hard drive!

    All i all it's an awesome upgrade to an already awesome console, now I can download more arcade games!

  4.  Awesome!!!!


    Simply the best console out full stop!

    The graphics are amazing and the games list is just getting better and better. Buy one you won't regret it!

    Oh yea and to the guy below (slippymonkey) Microsoft announced that the console is better lying sideways as it's more prone to failure standing upright, I've still got my console from launch day and never had a problem with it, been lying sideways the whole time!

  5.  Awesome!


    If you love Tony Hawk games then you will love this, I spent around 6 Hours last night playing this and I must say it's loads better than P8. The story line is much better this time with several directions you can go and in any order, the new Aggro push is quality and the skate checking is hilarious! All in all a must buy game!

  6.  Not all that good


    Having played this game I would say thats it's not really that good, the cars seem to be weightless and have no real feel to them. The graphics are good and do the original game justice but the gameplay really lets it down. I would recommend you buy Dirt instead it's a much better game with more variety.

  7.  Dont buy!!!


    Having played the demo of this game I was seriously disappointed! The need for speed we know and love is gone and been replaced with this poor excuse for a racing game! the cars handle like lead weights, sure the graphics are nice but the gameplay really lets this game down. A rental at most!