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  1.  Better than I thought


    I do like the Thor character and when the film came out I felt it was okay, but Loki was a bit rubbish. So knowing he was the bad guy in this I was a bit apprehensive. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it, there are good bits all the way through it with all characters proving to be entertaining. There are little slow moments, but while the individuals films have good bits in them none have as good a battle scene as the Avengers Assemble, just how can you stop a Demi-God with an army...?? Good 4 star film extra point for one for the Hulk.

  2.  Same old same old


    Really wanted to like this, but its just all too familiar. SBC comes up with a great idea for a character and a couple of really good jokes, but then strings it out to feature film length. He does this by taking everything as far as he can and then further which if he'd have concentrated on the plot instead would've made a reasonably good film. However, if you like the Ali G film, Borat and Bruno you will love this. If not wait for a best of compilation and you'll probably have a hilirious 30 minute DVD from all 4 films.

  3.  Laugh out loud funny


    I love many british comedies and there are a few I deem worth buying and watching again, these include Blackadder, the Young Ones and Father Ted. This is a lot less known, but extremely funny and I genuinely watch it whenever I fancy something that will make me laugh. While FRIENDS may sound similar to this it is full of American humour, whereas Coupling while similar in the number of people (3 men and 3 women) it is British humour about sex and relationships. You will recognise them and their anxieties and situations.

    Buy it, certainly when you can get copies for as little as a couple of pounds and the box set for just over ten pounds.

  4.  Not another animated film!


    Rapunzel by Disney.

    beautiful oppressed girl
    cute animal best (and only) friend
    one dream
    a wicked female character
    half a dozen songs
    love interest
    almost lost her bit
    and a series of misfits, rogues and scoundrels

    Put in DVD player and play for 90 minutes until warm and glowing,

    I loved the horse, he steals the show and we all found this is very watchable. I'd give it a five but really its not original enough, it is a very good film, but really doesn't do enough to break the mould.

  5.  The quest for the not very powerful hat


    If like me you wondered if this was a remake of the old arnie film its not, not even close.

    Its terribly dull.

    Bad guy slays village including Conan's pa in search of parts to a mysterious all powerful hat (mask). However, after 20 years of slaying and killing said hat's on button can only be activated by the blood of the pure one. Fighting Conan for her it is clear that without said hat this is a powerful baddie (and daughter). Having suceeded to obtain her blood and after the traditional long wait for a long winded ceremony the baddie puts on the hat to be no better off or powerful.

    The first ten minutes or so were good, but it gradually got worse and worse. Watch it once if you must, but I'd suggest giving the original a try its far better.

  6.  Extra terrestrial alien comedy


    Just like Shaun of the Dead was aimed at being a comedy about a horror film Paul doths its cap to the alien on earth films. So many little quotes and nods to big films like ET, Alien, Close Encounters making this very enjoyable. At this point I'd give it 5 stars. However, we have all seen Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz and were I to unfairly mark it against those it would only make a 4, just didn't quite reach that level is all I'm saying. Paul is certainly one of the best comedies released in recent months, but in my opinion it appears to be targeting the american audience a little too much and maybe I'm a bit selfish and love their films set in our back garden (not yard). Still we can be proud of the talent of two fantastic brits on an excellent movie.

  7.  It is basically Species


    Too many comparisons can be drawn between this and the film Species. While the sex scenes are a bit odd in this as the alien technically a child and as a girl looks like one. Its quite short so can pass as an easy watching film. There's nothing scary about it, the plots fairly predictable (with some big hints along the way to ensure later events aren't going to confuse you) and you'll have no tears to shed although watching a teddy bear throw on the bonfire may get those with a soppy nature to weaken.

  8.  A very entertaining erotic read


    This is Suzanne's story of her erotic encounters. It is intelligently written with very colourful descriptions of her sex life and the men she chooses to play with. Being in the high life of the London media circle she has a circle of men all with colourful characters, adding to them a number of swinging, tantric and group encounters through swinging sites and clubs. She is ravenous and most would perceive her exhausted by these adventures or staggered by her sexdrive. Written mainly about her experiences in her 40s (as in 40+ Years old) Suzanne has 2 sons, a previous husband and a well paid job. Suzanne could be compared to a NYC/London/Jewish sex in the city type, however were she to make it into the cast the programme would move to an R18 rating.

    This is a brilliant erotic book, very real and honest. The cover and title is thankfully clean and classy enabling you to be able to read when and wherever. Far better than many other books which are made up tales (and often too porn led) or other real stories where the actually details, actions & emotions of the encounter is passed by.

    There is a sequel to this and it will be interesting to discover if there is a happy ever after conclussion. Like many who seek masses of sex from many strangers Suzanne is both subseptable to forming meaningful relationships (often with charity cases) and also being very choosy about who she selects. Suzanne relishes in seeking out the best men and yet is very quick to find fault, albeit this is often very easy with men who are or have been well off, well educated or well hung.

  9.  Lock Stock and Two Smokin Aces


    One guy in the middle and the best of the baddest all hired to kill him. Its a race (a bit like the one in Lock Stock). Some will try to kill of others as they cross paths and I found this continuously entertaining. Its not the best film in the world be its a good one and with such worth watching.

  10.  I can see why you hate it, but don't


    It tries very hard to think of something different and naturally someone will spot something familiar. I think its aimed at the teens and 20s market with the computer game ideas. I'm 40 and loved it, I found it entertaining, liked the baddies, the catchphrases, Scott and his love interests. Scott's geeky enough without being Napoleon Dynamite, he's naturally a bit self centred, but thats needed for the standard 1hr 10minute Oh-Your-Going-To-Lose-The-Girl-Moment hollywood always adds in. (BTW there's often a 50 minute saucy spot too...now next time you see a non-saucy film and there's a bit of flesh. Pause it and check the time counter)

    Relax and enjoy, don't expect the best film ever its not meant to be. If you're older like me you'll enjoy but have forgotten the catchphrases a week later.