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  1.  God awful trash


    Really really really really awful. How this franchise is still going strong is beyond me. There must be a LOT of people who just like lots of silly over the top stunts and explosions with no real plot or decent script to speak of. Honestly, some of it made me turn away from the screen and roll my eyes - like the scene where 'Alice' suddenly appears at the top of a tall structure (for no reason) just to give an excuse for ANOTHER silly over the top slow-mo kill sequence she ab-sails down to get the unsuspecting guard. Just when you think it can't get any more stupid, she then develops magical Jedi powers for some reason - or is that in the 3rd one? I really don't know or care to be honest, the whole series is just terrible.

  2.  Zombie films go back to the brilliant basics


    I don't know what DavidWaters was watching but his review couldn't be more inaccurate and this film couldn't be more different from a silly Resident Evil type movie. This is a really good zombie film that has a feel of older Romero type flicks. What I like about it is that it has a realistic feel to it, with not too much over the top Holywood style macho dialogue or excuses for extreme gore every other second. The zombies are the slow moving kind, so much of the horror and scares are about seeing groups of shambling undead eerily heading towards the characters. Every time they are forced to stop and rest or repair their vehicle it is a tense race against time to escape before the zombies can shuffle up and attack them. This is a really good & beautifully shot film and fans of the genre will not be disappointed.

  3.  The horror genre reaches new heights


    A superb film that took me by surprise because it had such a fresh feel to it - not like the hundreds of carbon copy horror films. Plenty of genuinely scary moments for a change, a decent story, and just a pinch of humour from the paranormal guys in the later parts of the film. Watch this alone if you dare...