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  1.  Better than the first.


    This is the best thing jackass has ever done in their lives. Do yourself a favour and get this DVD. Special features are great as well.

  2.  The Ultimate Dance Album !!!!


    I never really heard The Prodigy untill i was bought this album for christmas. I have to say that since i have rarely heard anythig else but The Prodigy. Liam Howetts mixes are fantastic. My personnel favourates are Charly, Their Law, Firestarter, Breathe, Voodoo People, Jericho and many more. If you have never heard of The Prodigy before this review i strongly suggest that you get it.

  3.  Great Comic Adaption !!


    After seeing the Trailer for Sin City and knowing that Robert Rodriguez was directing it, I decided to give it a go. Boy i wasnt disappointed.

    Based on three short stories by Frank Miller, with some great actors/actresses. Bruce Willia, Clive Owen and Jessica Alba just to name a few.

    Sadly there is only an 8 minute featurette in the special features which why it doesnt get 5 stars.

    Great buy though.

  4.  Yawn !!


    The Marix was Fantastic, Reloaded was very average but Revolutions is very disappointing. I was very bored with this film for most of the way and thinking that this lost the plot on what could have been a successful trilogy. The only reason i give it 2 stars is because the end fight with Neo and Agent Smith is quite good.

  5.  Vol 1 the Questions, Vol 2 the Answers


    Quentin Tarantino after having a six year break has finally brought his style back to motion picture, and boy was it worth it.

    After a Four year coma, The Bride seeks revenge on the people who did this to her. And who killed her baby, husband and friends. But its not as easy as that.

    As what you expect from a QT film, it does have many flashbacks of The Brides past and beforehand etc. If you like the TV show LOST than youll know what to expect.

    I cant really say which volume is better because in a way its one film. but i think Vol 1 has the slight advantage. Especially the Samaruai Sword Fight Scene with the Crazy 88. However its a brilliant film that keeps you tense right to the last scene.

  6.  Their Cancellation didnt do them so good !


    I loved Family Guy Seasons 1-3. But since they have gone back on the air they are really different now. Loises voice is loads higher. Stewie dosent seem that he wants to kill Lois anymore, nor is he bothered about world domination. Brians changed too which is a shame.

    Also, the cuts in seasons 1-3 (ie. Remember the time i... or That just reminds me of that time when i...) were really funny. These ones in Season 4 are not funny at all, maybe just one or two and they seem to have them every 30 seconds.

    In my opinion, Family Guy has changed for the worst, and their cancellation for three years didnt do them good at all.

  7.  Sinbad is Hilarious


    This film is quite funny. Sinbad plays a class act at trying to pretend to be someones houseguest. Phil Hartman is also a class act too. Unfortunately the story isnt the greatest and without sinbad, i would have been terrible.

  8.  One of the Greatest Trilogies of all Time!!!


    Star Wars is finally on DVD, and looks great. I first saw this in 1995 and i still love it to this day. I agree with some critics about some of the new sceans added on the DVD (ie, Jabba the Hut as a CGI Character appearing on the First one)but the trilogy is still the same so dont worry about it too much. The picture and sound are brilliant, especially with surround sound when you hear the lightsabers. There is also a 4th disk has an extreamly interesting Doccumentry about all Three Films. A Good Buy, its worth your money.

  9.  An Instant Classic !!!!


    I must have seen this about 10 times, and i still love it. It's probably one of my favourite films in the world.
    The story is about Three men looking for hidden treasure worth $200,000, as one person knows a bit each.Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach are all fantastic and play the parts very well indeed. The Extra 15 minutes are cool as well ( you can tell that Eli Wallach's voice is a lot older).

    The Special Features are so good as well, i especially like the doccumentry where they show how they got this 1966 film into DVD and how they got the extra parts onto the film.

    One Slight negative is that the Audio Commentry by Richard Schnickel tends to be slow and off the point on the film.

    Apart from that, this film is fantastic. I strongly Recommened it to you.

  10.  Good to Rent


    Ive just watched this film and there are parts that really get to you. Mosat people remember when they started to change (Usually around 13) like i did. But ive never seen it like this.

    As you have read that its about 13 year old tracy who meats the high school girl evie, who shows tracy the real world.They experience even more and they do drugs, cut thereselves etc. The endings a little disapointing though. Holly Hunter is a class act as Tracy's Mother. And the soundtrack is very funky.

    Rent it but dont buy it, its a good one off.