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  1.  A new top dog!


    For years Call of duty has been the number one war game, but it has now been knocked off the top.
    I loved BBC2 and i hoped that this would this wouldnt let me down and it didnt.
    The graphics are much improved and they have given us so many more things to do! they have improved the vehicles in the game to make it more interesting as you can now fly jets! they are great fun if your up for a good air fight. i have found that this just makes the game more enjoyable and relaxed.
    Unlike COD this feels so much more like a team game instead of individuals going for kills to improve their own records. BF3 has done well in stopping players going just for kills and instead actually aiming to get the objectives, this also gets rid of annoying campers!
    The campaign is incredible, i havent finished it yet but each level gives you a new challenge and your always doing something new. one mission you will be in a jet and the next your will be annihilating a base in a tank... just amazing,
    Im now not going to purchase MW3 on the release date as i just love this game. MW3 will have to be very special to beat this and to be honest i dont think it will. This is seriously a must buy :D

  2.  dont waste your money...


    Title says it all... after playing MW2 i had high hopes for this but i just hated it. the campaign was good but short ( but then again they all are) and i found veteran very easy and not much of a challenge. The online is just shocking, i found the graphics hadnt improved and the gameplay is horrible. it is possibly the most fustrating game that i have ever played as you shoot someone but it just doesnt seem to register...
    the only thing that has stopped me from selling the game is zombies. Zombies is great when your playing with your mates as it is a good laugh and its the only part of the game that has no lagg. If i could buy zombies on its own then i would and then sell the game as i have played online for 15hours ( which is nothing ).
    So save yourself 25quid instead of buying this or just go and buy battlefield or COD4

  3. DiRT 3

    DiRT 3


    2 New from  £15.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.94

     Stunning but something is missing...


    Stunning game and it hasnt failed to disappoint after the success of dirt 2.
    The graphics and the gameplay has vastly improved and it now feels more realistic. I love the addition of the gymkhana events ( even though im terrible at them ) as they break up the serious gameplay where you can have a bit of fun and pull some trick.
    But when i say there is a bit missing i mean it doesnt have the same feel as dirt 2. the gameplay is much improved but it isnt as gripping as dirt 2. The audio is the only thing that i think needs improving. unlike in dirt 2 other drivers dont talk to you anymore which i miss, also the set list isnt great as im now sick of blind-faith by chase and status. but apart from these little picky points then it is the perfect rally game which is a must buy for any Ken Block, dirt 2 or rallying fans :D

  4.  Unbelievable


    Me and my mates hated black ops so we decided to purchase this and give it a try, and we havent looked back since!
    The online play is so much more expansive with what you can do compared to any other war games like COD as there is a good range of vehicles which makes the fight more interesting.
    I have always found COD frustrating as there are so many campers, everyone is after kills instead of objectives and it is very repetitive. BBC2 has done well in encouraging the players to be more objective based as it is more rewarding and it feels like more of a team game.
    So overall this is a must buy at the price it is currently at, ive had so much fun with my mates over the period of time that we have had it. so much fun that i have cancelled my MW3 pre-order and brought BF3 :D Hope you all enjoy this as much as i have :)