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  1.  Best game of 2010


    This game is epic. There isn't much more to say, from the vast world of wich you can roam freely, to the amazing music and sounds in this world. The story was one of the best of any game i've played and the online multiplayer just extends the fun. With the recent zombie expansion which gives a whole new campaign and extras online, this game has to be in your collection.

  2.  Halo at it's best.


    Bungie delivers another great game, with it's incredible campaign and famous multiplayer.

  3.  Great game!!!


    After playing the demo:
    Straight off i liked the game, the graphics are amazing and a step up from the last one. After learning how to play again it gives you some tasks which tell you how to do some new stuff. Looks and feels good. However, i found that the off-board movement slow and annoying, takes forever to turn around. Also, the replay editor is a bit more confusing and harder to use that the one in skate 1. I probably will buy the game because all demos leave you wanting more and i'm sure it will deliver.

    After playing the game i say it is awesome!!!!
    All problems are nothing really and a great skate.
    Huge new mega compound + x-games style park.
    Defiantly worth buying.

  4.  Brilliant Game


    This game was a joy to play
    The campaign was great and storyline was accurate.
    The online play is addicting and great to play.
    Overall a good game for and war game fan.

  5.  Classic!


    What a game!
    Great story and collecting skills is the best part.
    Love it all!

  6.  Love it!


    I love plain lazy
    perfect poster, perfect size, Buy now!

  7.  Perfect Mug!


    Hold a great amount of your favorite hot beverage with a witty comment on the side :D
    Buy it Now!

  8.  Great Price!


    I have reviewed the two game before so I will skip that part (they are great btw).
    I don't really get the price, both games on there own £20, 2 games + 2 guides which are usually £12 on there own, is only £17.

    If you want to buy WoW I recommend buying this.

  9.  Fascinating!


    I love this game. The campaign was epic to say the least and multiplayer is unrivaled. However, I recently noticed that if you don't have Xbox Live and you have had enough of the game there is nothing to do and it just gathers dust, but with XBL it is one of the best Online games.

  10.  Alright...


    As I'm not a big fan of Harry Potter i didn't know what to expect from this movie. It did seem a bit run of the mill and I did prefer other Potter movies but I did enjoy it to a certain extent.