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  1.  Awsome game!! Fans will love it.


    Ever since Max Payne 2 in the dark noir settings I have waiting for the next payne game. Storyline very creative and rockstar have done there own twist with cutscenes and moving from present time to back in the past frequently. Plenty of slow motion diving through glass and shooting offices up with paper flying everywhere. Chuffed its an 18 cert you can put more things into the game thats makes it mroe like an action movie.
    Max Payne fans buy it.

  2.  Its on xbox finally! (dont be tricked there is no MGS4)


    Awsome graphics different view system classic games. Dont be tricked though MGS 4 is not included in this package its peace walker back when it was on psp. Shame guns of patriots isnt in this collection.

  3.  Theres so much to do!!


    These batman games are excellent. theres loads to do side missions. new features,gadgets, voices, characters. This game must be in your game collection.

  4.  Worth a purchase and good game to keep Bond fans happy


    I love Goldeneye film and n64 game back in the day. As previous review alot of COD features keeps in in the modern fps world and great sounds and voices in the game. Graphics are good but not the best on the game market. storyline follows the film with little differences such as the characters i.e bond is daniel craig not Brosman and others have different features. all those people that loved running round shooting that golden gun and moon raker laser rifle this will bring back memories.

  5.  Not the best on the market


    Spiderman games should be city wide free roam and as this game proves going from room to room defeating similar enemies, button bashing and unlocking door after door really isnt much fun over a long period of time. Graphics are really good. Spiderman Web of shadows is recommended for a better spiderman experience.