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  1.  Loved it


    Great film, don't overthink the story just enjoy, possibly the best 3D film I've got

  2.  Awesome film


    Just watched this for the second time and was blown away. I can only think the bad reviews this got, was by Barry Norman types over thinking movies.
    First off, this film is a visual treat for the eyes. Not only terrific locations and great camera work, but none of the stupid pointless wavy camera style so prevalent in a lot of films. The CGI was excellent and completely believable. Great storyline, good characters, good music. So good just bought it in Blu-ray and can't wait to watch it again.

  3.  Loved it !!!


    Seen this film twice now and I enjoy it more each time. Just a joy to see a well made film, none of the stupid pointless wavy camera style so prevalent in many films today. Haven't read this book yet, but the question you have to ask is was it a good film? and the answer is an unqualified yes!!! During the action scenes you can actually see what's going on. Director's of films like the Bourne series should take note of how to film action scenes. What's the point if the viewer can't follow what's happening because the camera is jerking around?

  4.  Hugely enjoyable!!!


    Whilst derivative of "Top Gun and Behind Enemy Lines" I enjoyed this film immensely. It's Korean language with English subs, but well worth putting up with that slight drawback.
    The film gives quite an insight into the tension between the two halves of the divided country.
    Every aspect of film making excels, characters, acting, locations, camerawork, storyline, great humour, awesome action sequences, excellent special effects
    I can't wait to watch it again!!!

  5.  Brilliant Blu-ray bargain, buy it!!!


    Didn't really expect much from the mixed reviews. But this is a gem, truly in every dept. One reviewer said no story, it has a brill story. Excellent production, excellent cast, excellent music. Couldn't fault it. Film has a original style to it somewhat like Siin City, but not. Buy it before the sellers realise how good it it is. Truly a cult classic in the making!!!

  6.  Amateurish and incomprehensible


    Stuck with this to the bitter end hoping it would get better, it didn't. It had 10mins near the end that were watchable, but the end made no sense whatsoever. 1st 45mins was about a arguing man and wife.
    I hope never to mistakenly watch a film by this director again!!!2

  7.  Awesome


    Everything about this series is top notch! Production, acting, story, locations, but the picture quality in blu-ray is mind blowing. You can see every pebble and grain of sand in the desert scenes!!

  8.  Doomsday


    Really quite a good film, completely ruined for me by overpowering music all the way through. Added together, quiet moments come to about 70 secs!
    Director has no idea the value of silence when creating suspense.