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  1.  one of Pooh and friend's great adventures


    absolutly loved the story with all the great and catchy songs, i would recommend this to anyone who is a Winnie The Pooh fan

  2.  Roo-tastic


    Springtime with Roo is a wonderful movie, absolutly worth getting for your kids and to watch again and again

  3.  interesting version of Pinocchio


    a very good and charming animation to have in your collection.
    the story is a little bit quick at the begining but plays out pretty good.
    the backgrounds is amazing for an animated film and a few characters really capture your imagination.
    the only bad review i have with this is the english voice actor for Pinocchio, to me it's not right for the role but other then that it was better then what i was expecting

  4.  really weird and wonderful


    this pinocchio is very different from the original story and thats why it's so amazing.
    interesting story, really good animation, great character and a wonderful happy ending to boot

  5.  best animation about Rapunzel that only disney could do


    this movie is without a doubt on of disneys finest.
    it has a tremendous storyline, wonderful and delightful set of characters, fantastic line of songs to sing to and a brilliant villian to hate
    i was laughing and crying throughout the entire film and enjoyed singing the songs
    my only negative review about this film is that i love hand drawn disney films more but this definitely does deserve a place as one of walt disney classic animations
    PLEASE bring back hand drawn animation

  6.  a horror film with nudity


    i borrowed this movie from a friend and i have to say that if you buy cheap/rubbish B movies don't get this one it's a load of swear - word

  7.  best animation bout a dog named Charlie Barkin


    this is one of Don Bluths best animated film about a dog wanting to live on and not go to heaven yet
    it show an equal quality to a disney film
    it has excitement, some scary scene and it has a beatiful story of how a dog changes his heart after meeting a remarkable little girl who can speak to animals
    i would definitely recommend that you buy this wonderful film to add to your collection

  8.  WARNING! this movie is extremely BAD!!!!


    creepshow 3 is, without a doubt, the worst sequelto the first two creepshows movies.
    if you buy the DVD then you'll ruined your experience with the first two creepshow movies forever
    only have creepshow and creepshow 2

  9.  good movie to watch


    this movie is good to watch and if you like old Doctor Who you will be surprise to see Tom Baker (the forth doctor) in it
    the only bad thing about it is when the title is going some of the letters are missing from the sides

  10.  best squel to creepshow EVER


    absolutly brilliant movie really scared me.
    this is a must buy. if you don't then your missing out.
    brilliant animation and great grusome stories to go with it.