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  1.  An amazing woman's tale


    Better known as Commander Susan Ivanova, Claudia Christian has taken a look at her life, the good times, the bad times and the nightmares therein. A painful, harrowing journey that she has decided to share with us, to help others in her situation. Laugh with her, cry with her, you will never see this amazing actress the same way again.

  2.  good, but no Dredd


    This could have been a great film, but they mixed in too many storylines: the day the law died, return of Rico, cursed earth, judge child quest and the abc warriors. made the film a horrendous mess. if you like Dredd, go see the new film instead - much better!

  3.  You know the name...


    Although I have 11 of these already on Blu ray, I can't wait to get this set - a long running series that has survived since the 1960's, with no. 23 on the way too!
    Even though 6 actors have played Bond, the character remains timeless, and an endearing icon of what is quintessentially British!
    Whether fighting against the Soviet Union, Smersh or the current crop of megalomaniacs, Bond cannot be bested!

  4.  Goodbye Sarah Jane


    A solid farewell to a series, and a sad farewell to Elisabeth Sladen. Generations of Dr Who fans mourned her death, and these episodes show her at her best - no slowing down, and still giving her all until she could do no more.
    Like many of her fans, old and new, I shall be getting this with a heavy heart, but also celebrating the life of Elisabeth Sladen aka the Doctor's Sarah Jane.
    Goodbye Elisabeth, rest in peace.

  5.  Must have classic!


    A rare film that actually deserves to be classed as a classic.
    Seen through the eyes of a child growing up in 1930's America, this tale of racism, hatred and love is a film that deserves to be seen over and over.
    Based upon the novel of the same name, Gregory Peck leads a perfect cast, without peer, as the tale of one man's attempt to do what is right earns him the love of his children, but the hatred of the community as he defends a Black man from a false allegation of rape. Timeless, with a lesson that is just as valid in today's world as when it was written.

  6.  Disappointing


    I must admit to being disappointed by this release, and not just by the lack of extras.
    There is very little in terms of character-building in this film - action seems to have taken up over 95% of the budget.
    Why did the characters, especially the new ones, do what they do? What is their relationship he rest of the cast? A few lines of dialogue frankly were not enough.
    Overall, this is the worst entry in the series.

  7.  Which version(s)?


    I'm looking forward to this, as I'm hoping it will be a fantastic sight on a blu-ray setup, but does anyone know if the set will include the theatric versions, the special DVD editions or a brand new version?
    Either way, I'm gonna get it.

  8.  Wow!


    What a journey - starting with Sam Tyler in "Life on Mars", we finally are at the end, and what an ending! Without spoiling it, I can safely say that I was not expecting it to end this way. The main cast are all very strong, and comfortable in their roles - in some cases, this is the fifth season they did. I can't wait to get hold of this set.

  9.  Must buy!


    A true story of man's heroism in the dangerous field of space exploration. The added commentary by the real James Lovell and his wife perfectly describes the emotive events of the time, dispelling any conspiracy theories about whether we went to the Moon - do they really think the government would sanction the murder of 3 men? For me, the most emotional part is the end, when they wait for contact to be restored - I dare anyone not to have a tear in their eye at this point. As for the effects, even some astronauts have asked where they got the footage, showing how realistic it is.
    If you are a history buff, or a space travel buff, then this movie is a must buy!

  10.  Love it!


    First - I'm a straight guy, and I love this film!
    A feel-good film, in all respects, with fantastic songs, half the fun is listening to the actors attempt to sing (Sorry, Pierce, you were a good Bond, but a lousy singer!) But then, the film is about regular people, not singers, and the songs are well-chosen (and in one case slightly re-written) for the film, blink and you'll miss Benny and Bjorn cameos too.
    Fellas, sit down with the wife/girlfriend etc and get ready for an enjoyable evening!