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  1.  MW2.5


    I like everyone else has been really looking forward to the newest addition to the Modern Warfare series of COD. And dare say it I'm gutted with the latest incarnation on first impressions. I can honestly say that I dont think there are any improvements since MW2, graphically it's the same, the sound effects are mediocre at best and the single player campaign is predictable and short. There is no "WOW" factor like there was in MW2 (even Black ops had it's moments). MW3 is souless. The best part of this game is the spec ops, but I wouldn't justify anyone paying nearly 40+ for that alone.

    Multiplayer (which for me is why I bought this game) is a hit and miss affair... the "miss" being hit detection which is absolutely terrible. I'd go as far as to say it's worse than the hit detection in Black Ops. (I have a great 30meg broadband connection through Virgin which doesn't give me any problems with any other multiplayer game before anyone starts?! :-P ) I've never had any problems with lag during online play yet, but I find poor hit detection unbearable and unacceptable in this day and age. I'm praying that Infinity Ward will hopefully release a patch soon that will resolve this issue.

    Quick Sniping is back whether or you love or hate it, but you will only find people who are very good at it running around with a sniper in MW3 as the multiplayer maps are small! They do look nice, but they all give a very similar feel as you find yourself repeatedly running around in built up area's which make way for some very close combat at times. The re-spawning is another gripe I have with this game and more than on the odd occasion have I been spawned into the game being already down the sights of an enemy and dead within seconds! Again this should be patched as I'm not the only person who has raised these comments on forums and in reviews. I really hope Infinity Ward are reading and listening to these comments and release updates soon because even the fanboy's can't keep this game at 5 stars and I'm sure that will reflect on sales in the long run. I'd never thought I'd see the day when Infinity Ward would let MW's standards slip. It's by far the most popular series of COD and as a huge COD fan I'm gutted with MW3.