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  1.  Chaos


    I will start by admitting I love Killzone 2 and with KZ3 I had high expectations, I wasn't let down, the single player improves on KZ2, a little short (but arent most campaigns) but gameplay and graphically its amazing....I just wish I could afford a 3D TV to play it on!!! It's not let down by the multi-player either, its just chaos nothing like COD or Battlefield (I like them both) it's just pure mayhem, I'm no pro that at online gaming....but I love it.
    I would reccommend this for both single player and multi player, but please, please do not compare it to COD or Battlefield..its a different game entirely...buy it.

  2.  Absolutely AMAZING!


    This game delivers everything it said it would & more.
    (well everything except the free Nariko charachter...unless I'm doing something wrong...Play??).
    This is pure fun, a completely new experiance to anything I've ever played .
    Buy this game NOW!!!!

  3.  Beleive the hype, this game is that good!


    First things first, this is my first Metal Gear experiance.
    Visually this is the best game on the market, no arguments.
    I do agree with many of the comments that the cut scenes are too long and can get frustrating, when you just want to get on with the game.
    However, the cut scenes are there to tell a story and do they tell a story, it is like watching a movie (& the game is just as good.)
    The stealth (for me) is a new experiance, it makes a refrehing change to the typical FPS where you tend to run around and kill or blow up everything.
    The range of weapons is extensive, lot's to choose from, most of the normal weapons, but a few new inclusions, so should keep all happy.
    On-line this game is amazing!!!!
    I played COD4 to death on-line & I love it (it is a great game), but since I've played MGS 4 on-line I've sold COD4 because I just can't stop playing MGS4 and COD4 never came out the drawer.
    MGS4 is more 'realistic', miles ahead visually and now the new maps are out, it gives that extra depth to play.
    To summarise - BUY THIS GAME NOW!!
    At £29.99 from Play you have an absolute bargain.
    I'll see you on line, hopefully before you see me! ;-)

  4.  Wish I'd have bought it with my PS3 :-(


    For a console launch game this is excellent, unfortunately I didn't get this with my console, so I've only just played it.
    The story mode is pretty good, nothing out of the ordinary - except it's based in the UK, so you can relate to the scenary (& Nottingham is included - Bonus) a reasonably easy to complete, with all the checkpoints available, BUT still a good 1 player option.
    However online is where this game comes to life, very easy to get logged into a game & with the ranking mode, it means that you end up getting a mixed bag of skilled opponents, you will be playing someone of a similar standard as well as playing the hard core gamers, which means you do stand a chance of enjoying it & don't just get battered all the time.
    Remember this is a launch game, the graphics are good but not mind blowing, online is great fun, so just enjoy it for the fun game it is, you will not be dissapointed - cannot wait for Resistance 2

  5.  Absolutely Brilliant!


    This is by far the best game I have for my PS3. Personally I would go as far to say this is one of the best games I have ever played.
    I had never played a Ratchet & Clank game previously so the whole concept was new to me.
    Beautiful fluid visuals, simple fun controls, a vast array of weaponary that has to be seen to beleived - check out the Plasma Beasts!!! and the game play is amazing, with lots of variety.
    I got this for Christmas along with Assasins creed, the latter hasn't really had a look in as I am enjoying this game so much.
    The BIGGEST compliment I can give this game is to advise everyone to buy this game & buy it NOW!!!!

  6.  For VF fans only!


    If you like VF games, this is definately worth buying.
    Visually excellent, typical VF game play that requires allot of time to get the best out of the fighters.
    This will not be everyone's cup of tea, those who like the extreme special moves may find this a little 'basic', but VF5 as with other VF games, concentrates on realism.
    It's fluid, fast & gorgeous, with rewards if you are prepared to stick with it.
    Excellent start to the PS3 fighting Genre.

  7.  OH Dear!


    Truly awful game, I've only given it 1 star because it's the lowest on offer.
    I was so, so disappointed with this game, I would NOT recommend buying this on the PS3.
    Really disappointed as I was looking forward to the release of a Pro Evo game on the PS3.
    Surely they can do better than this in the future.

  8.  O.K, but not what I expected with a PS3!


    This is an average game, nothing amazing, but a decent game. I expected more from a PS3, there was nothing that 'Amazed me' with this game.
    Worth a play - borrow it from a friend, wouldn't buy it.

  9.  Just SHORT of excellence!


    Visually - Amazing, with so much happeneing on screen at any one time.
    Game Play - Good, however, at times you do feel like you just hammer buttons until the enemy dies.
    The use of the aftertouch when you throw or shoot something is awesome!.
    Length of Play - yes it is a little too short, but play it in short bursts to lengthen the play.
    Summary - Stunningly beautiful, but lack of control stops this from becoming a classic.

  10.  Absolutely MENTAL!


    This game is MAD! it is just pure adrenaline fast paced fun. This was the first game I bought for my PS3 and I wasn't dissapointed. Visually it is good with some great tracks, the tracks are massive, which means you don't tend do the exact same lap time after time, I always seem to go a different route & the sound track is excellent which sets the mood. Well worth the cash if you want fun and not a stereo-typical racer. BUY IT!