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  1.  Best Yet


    Great game.the first I've played where I really care for the main characters.you really believe either could be killed at anytime.just one small problem.load times can take to long but its a small gripe.the best game on ps3 by a margin.noy

  2.  Boy Does He Rise


    Believe all the hype.This is a great ending to the trilogy.If you prefered Batman Begins to The Dark Knight you will enjoy this even more.Its tough to write a review without spoiling the film for those who havent seen it.I hope when it comes to Blu Ray it will have loads of extras but it wont matter.It will be one for the collection.

  3.  The unneeded spiderman


    Saw this in 3 D.Was very let down.Save your money and watch the sam raimi version.The film didnt have a great story and seemed just to be a set up for the next film.It did have its plus points.Peter Parker/Spiderman was very well acted.Maybe even better than Tobey Maguire.Will wait till this is well down in price befor buying and will spend my money on The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises first.

  4.  Have a swinging time


    First of I enjoyed the game.Its doesnt compare to Batman Arkham City in game play or graphics but is very enjoyable.Swinging about the city collecting comic books is great.I must warn you,if you havent seen the movie before playing this game it will give away two big plot points.I found this frustrating.The game isint very difficult and the missions can fell abit samey at times,but dont let it put you off.You wil enjoy it.If i hadnt played Arkham city I may have given the game a 5,but I have,and I wont.Enjoy

  5.  For Victory


    Some of the effects look dated but that doesnt matter.Its a fantastic series.It wont let you down.It tells the story of aliens taking over the earth and the resistance fight against them.You might want to also get V the final battle to watch after this which is in my mind even better.

  6.  Stephen Kings Best


    I could not put this book down.Really got into the caracters and a fantastic story.Its a long book,1344 pages,but dont let that put you off.I flew trough it.You wont be disapointed.