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  1.  Very Good


    Single Player
    A Single player mode which turned out to be very good Indeed, It actually has a good story behind it as well. Graphics and game play are all very very good.

    Most realistic game to date.
    The fights are intense at times,The realistic sounds and effects to surroundings in a fire fight are the best I have seen out off the shooters so far. I rate the single player mode higher than BF3 and MW3.

    The multi-player
    Its nice to see something new in games these days other than being ruined by brain dead quick scoping that you get on MW3 and from what I have seen so far we will be getting again in Black ops 2.
    Not as good as BF3 but better than MW3

    Get rid of multiplayer
    Not every game has to have a multi player, So hope they bring out the next MOH which has a massive single player mode and forgets about multi player. MW, Black ops are all basically the same game with tweaks to the weapons and will no doubt will remain the same for years to come. And no doubt we will all have to re buy the maps from the previous games as they run out of ideas.

  2.  Papering over the cracks


    I got FIFA 13 on early release and have played it for a couple of days. Although overall it is better than FIFA 12 there are still a lot of the same issues as before. The AI of your team mates are still poor, The game play is still inconsistent in the fact you are more likely to get booked by nudging a player and your players will get a career ending injury as the computer leaves your player laying in pain as the ref signals play on. Also the fact you can have the worlds fastest player getting beat in a foot race against the worlds oldest and slowest players. Basically The Game play is more or less FIFA 12 all over again but the off the pitch action is where all the good stuff is. The player transfers in career mode is a lot better, The progress of the menus from screen to screen is far better. I'm giving the game 2 stars as I feel so much has been done to change the minor things but feels like when it actually comes to playing the game on the pitch so little has been achieved.