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  1.  The Daleks Are Back!


    It's not often that I can sit down and listen to an audio play, sometimes they can be difficult to follow, sometimes they can drag on and seemingly go nowhere, and then I get lost...

    The Curse of Davros however is the complete opposite. From playing the intro from the first episode within the first few minutes I was hooked. It begins with an explosive start, and mixes the action with the dialogue to help the listener to follow and enjoy the story from beginning to end. With plot twists and surprises worthy of current new series show runner Steven Moffatt this is a worthwhile purchase which had me so hooked that by writing this I want to listen to it again.

    Although I appreciate everyones tastes are different, I hope you found this review to be useful and enjoy the story as much as I did.

    Happy Listening.

  2.  At last....!


    Well firstly I have to say at last, this season is finally getting the release it deserves on Region 2 DVD. What on earth possessed the BBC to release this entire season on region 1 DVD years ago I do not know!

    This release comprises of all six stories of the season titled the Key to Time Season in shich the Doctor, Romana and K9 Mk 2 have to search through space and time for the six segments that make up the key to time. This is a device which will help restore the balance of power in the universe.

    The stories comprise of The Ribos Operation, The Pirate Planet, Stones of Blood, The Androids of Tara, The Power of Kroll and finally The Armageddon Factor. Each of these stories have a merit of their own this is down to the settings, location filming etc.

    The BBC's restoration team have worked hard to restore each story to it's original splendour. Packed with Special Features on each disc this release is worth stretching your wallets for, but at the same time could also make a great Christmas Present for any Doctor Who fan, but honestly can you wait that long?? I can't!

  3.  It's the end, but the moment....


    Speaking unprofessionally, WOW! The season so far has played off really well over coming many obstacles such as the Eurovision Song Contest, although I think the Doctor could have Flown the Flag better than Scooch did.

    Having seen the three episodes that are on this DVD, I would have to admit that these have to be the most action packed, well written and entertaining episodes of the season. The plot twists that were clearly set up last year and maybe even since the beginning of the show, were just jaw dropping!!

    Utopia brought back memories of classic who. I think it was running through a disused quarry that doubled as an alien planet that did it! At the end, cue plot twist, that I think most people who read spoilers had already worked out what was going to happen.

    The Sound of Drums cleverly followed on as part 2 of 3. The Master has his foothold over the UK, his plan has been in action for nearly 18 months. With the Doctor's return the story evolves and the viewer finds themself literally on the edge of their seats.

    Last of the Time Lords, full of drama, action, tears, emotion. Without giving too much away for those who may not have seen this series finale. The Doctor is losing the battle, his last hope is Martha Jones, but where is she, it's now one year on, is she about to reveal herself. She has followed the Doctor's instructions and spread the word. I have to admit to being a little disappointed by the way in which the Master is defeated, although makes sense, there could have been another way I'm sure. Apart from that minor blip in the story, this release gets a full five star rating.