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  1.  Whats new?


    Downloaded the demo but no striking differences to 08. Graphics certainly look the same and the gameplay seems more or less the same to. These 2 factors should be the stand out differences upon a new release but 09 fails to do so, characters still look like they are made of wax and the ball still floats about rather than actually obeying the rules of gravity. The full game may well, hopefully, offer more extras but what does this count for if the game is just a tarted up version of its predecessor?

    Lets stop hearing the fan boys saying, "this is great" "can't wait for the release" "so much better than pes", people should encourage EA to redevelop the game and produce a new Fifa that stands out from the previous versions, you can't rate this as a 5 star as it is no different to 07 or 08, look at the new PES, its has a complete new champions league element to it, what is Fifa 09 offering, 10 v 10 online, great, anyone got 20 mates who will all own Fifa and be online at the same time, think not!

  2.  Bargain!


    Played this game when it first came out but never actually owned it. Now have it and for £17.99 and its a complete bargain. Great graphics, fun to play, real life characters to choose from, bring on Fight Night 4, EA would be stupid not to produce another in the series.

  3.  Good Game


    4 out of 5 - Would give 5 out of 5 but a few things stop this. Having to wait for the ref to blow his whistle for free kicks, completely slows the pace of the game down and when in multiplayer gives your mate plenty more time to know whether you are going to play short or long ball.

    Goal Keepers throwing the ball. Takes an age to throw sometimes and even then they throw it to a player you did not want them to, this is sometimes the same for through balls.

    This are very minor things but have marked down as they were not in the last gen versions so why bring them into the new gen games.

    xbox360 v PS3 versions

    Have both versions due to housemates. Both very nice looking with very, if any difference. PS3 version suffers from huge slowness issues. Had plenty of penalty shootouts and these have all run in slow motion as it does when a lot of players are in the goal area and a lot is going on. This DOES NOT happen on the 360 version which seems very smooth.

    The horrible names and emblems English teams have, Konami should strive to get the official sponsors, names and kits and bring it more up to date, again a little reason for 4 stars, not a problem though as a data file we soon be created by someone with all this included.

    Apart from that a very good game as always, if you are looking to buy a 360 or PS3 and this game is the deciding factor then go for a 360, far smoother and offers everything the PS3 has with obviously far more games on offer to.

    Once more yet another reason for the household PS3 to gather dust whilst the 360 entertains. Come on Sony sort your act out, Microsoft are kicking your arse.