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  1.  REMAKE


    To me it felt like a remake of the Twilight but with werewolves, ooooooooooooohhhhh

  2.  zombie heaven


    Theres not much you can say apart this is what zombie fans waited and wanted to read. Cant wait for the movie(brad you better do a good job man or when i return your fresh meat)

  3.  Cool book


    Another insight to the zombie genre, maybe nothing new inside, plus it,s a bit short(but worth it at this price) but know doubt worth a read. The sketches inside are the key point to how much i enjoyed reading somebody's else's view point. The sketches bring you inside a little further into the mind of the doctor to which the book is about. well done guys

  4.  pants


    I would call myself a zombie freak......but this, as a film made me sick, bad camera even to the point that it needed to be cleaned, there was a mark on the lense for christ sake. Plus its not even called zombie transfusion. I,m not gonna waste anymore time on this review. Buy it and waste an hour and half of your life

  5.  doh


    I feel sorry for any band who release any album after having a purfect one in there collection. The fat of the land, dudes that album rocked, not one bad tune, but this.....no way just check out track 11, whats that about? my heros have fallen again sorry guys but this is pants...............i might try some dido. Two star for omen