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  1.  Game of Thrones, best sci-fi since LOTR or maybe better??


    First of all, I started reading the game of thrones books late, in Septermber 2012 and really, these books took over how much time I have left in my life. They are really hooking and intriguing to read.

    Storm of Swords part 1, continues the stories of the mayor characters from the previous books, like Robb or Catelyn. There is one more character joined in to this book but i wont spoil. This book is more of recover and start a new war book. After the battles in the second book, people in Westeros recover and make new realtionships (and once agains George R.R. Martin give you twist you may not like at all). The Troubled King in the North and Jon Snow beyond the Wall are both really interesting and fun to read.
    Im kind of sad to say that in this book there is not much fighting, it is really same as the first book which is not bad at all.

    Anyway just to say something, if you watch the Game of Thrones Series 2, then you may spoil the first 100-150 pages of this book really.

    Im a great fan of this series, keep up the great work George!!

  2.  As usual, Assassins creed takes over


    Assassins creed revalations is a very nice story finisher to the assassins: Ezio Auditore and Altair. The city of Constantinopole in the game is magnificent. The usual guards are retards and cant swim but they are still good to play against. The story wraps up Ezio's and Altair's stories and makes them look even more awesome than ever. I love the ending and the missions themseleves even though they still dont feel so much fun as AC2.

    The second mayor improvement from Assassins creed brotherhood is the Multiplayer. It was improved extensively and I already spent about half of my life in the multiplayer.
    In my opinion this game is a really nice assasins creed game that finishes the major stories of 2 great assassins and brings up something suprising, in Desmond's perspective.
    9/10 for Assassins creed Revalations

  3.  Best Assassin to date


    This is the best Assassin to date. The story is very enjoyable and the graphics and the detail is so nice to look at. I love the fact that they have combined AC2 with AC Revalations to make this. It is a really fun game and you should buy it.

  4.  GOOD!!


    The whole 7 movies were fantasticly good and the best thing about all 7 movies, is that all the actors stayed. The one thing I don't get is that why did they made triple play? Wy do we need 3 discs. I think its just not needed although some people may see it on DVD and I know that, but there is 3 discs not 2 so im just thinking.......

  5.  Read it with no stops!!!


    This book is the leader of dramatic and criminal books. I have no idea why everytime I ask people around me don't know who agatha christie is!!! This is wrong, she is the best writer of books EVER!!!

  6.  Great song for long walks.....


    Everyday I have to walk over 4 miles back home from school and I have to say this song is a great thing to such long walks. It lets you imagine places while you walk and make you very relaxed. I love Mike Shenoda and linking park but this is great to hear.

  7.  Good Film


    This film is very good. Its a good twist to an old Sherlock and old Watson. Also nice riddles.

  8.  My name is... The SABOTEUR!!


    Great game this is. I don't know what to say. I have never played GTA so playing this gives me an idea of what GTA is.

  9.  Castlevania Rocks!


    This game is a real gone fantasy game with good graphics, good story and first of all good fighting techniques.

    Well done Gabrriel...I mean Dracula :P

  10.  G....OTY!!!!


    I played this game for over 2 weeks now it doesn't let me do anything else its so hooking! This game is gonna be 2nd after batman arkham city to be the GOTY!

    Well Done Naughty Dog