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  1.  Very good showcase


    I found play this very good indeed and it only lost one star because it's a showcase title and not having a custom players.

    My favourite is disc golf and I the volleyball is not bad as bad as people have said, I have found it to be one of the easiest to play and get gold championship in.

  2.  I'm addicted!!


    I got this yesterday and yes I'm addicted, brilliant game, I guarantee once you start playing you wont want to put it down!

  3.  Best FPS Ever!


    First Person Shooters can only be played on a PC with a keyboard and mouse, well that's thought!

    People have said this is a poor/bad port but I loved it. Half Life is one of the best FPS and this version is on exception, buy it now!

  4.  Very Good Turn Based Game


    Since Lords of Chaos in my old Speccy days, I have loved playing turn based strategy games.

    EOJ is very good turn based game (rules take a few games to used too).
    With the added touch of physical board game and game cards makes this very interesting idea.

    Like converted said below it would of been good if it had a story mode of even better a conquer the world mode like Dawn of War games.

    Some people have had the cards not being read by the camera due to poor lighting, which I have had too; what I did was install four white LED lights under the camera which did the trick. I can now play the game with no problems; check out "Eye of Judgment Light" on youtube.com

    If you like turn based games or just want something different to play, then this game will not disappoint. The game would of had 5/5, but because no story mode it has lost one star.

  5.  Very Talented


    Most albums nowadays have one or two good songs and then the rest of the album is poor clones of the good ones, but Scott Mathew album is great, with a good mixture of different types of music, well worth a purchase.

  6.  Why did it get axed?


    Only 14 amazing episodes, this is the best Sci-fi TV show made (to date), it's funny, well written, well acted and great visuals, so why did this get axed? Buy this and you wouldn't be disappointed.

  7. PlayTV



    Available  used  from  £18.09

     Better than my Vista HTPC


    I have the first gen PS3 and upgraded my hard drive to a 200GB 7200RPM 16MB

    I have been using a computer for the last six years for watching and recording TV

    My current one is Vista home with a hauppauge dual tuner (£55)


    Installation of the PlayTV very fast, easy and I had no problems at all.

    The PS3 from power on to watching live TV is under 40 seconds, my PC is still booting up!

    The picture and sound quality is the best I have never seen, loads better than my PC.

    Switching been between channels virtually instantaneous (PC can take a few seconds).

    This is another reason why the PS3 is the best next gen console ever made (we need better games to beat the xbox 360 now - come on Sony!!!).

  8.  Good Image Quality


    Purchased this photo frame a few weeks ago (my first digital photo frame), after a bit of time playing with different photo resolutions, I finally got the photos looking sharp and clear on the screen. Very pleased with it.

  9.  Fantastic Album


    All I can say, this is the best album I have purchased this year. Not one bad track would highly recommend