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  1.  Flawed but still brilliant


    This game is not without its flaws. But I still thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. It's funny that that the limited GotY edition has just been released and I've literally just completed the game. I played the first half when it came out and I've only just gone back to it and completed it all.

    The game essentially starts off on an amazing looking beach resort and you, as the main character, discover what has happened to the island of Banoi: there's an infection and zombies are roaming the streets. The game takes you from the beach resort in Act 1, to a city in Act 2, a jungle in Act 3 and finally a maximum security prison in Act 4. It took me over 26 hours of game time to get to the end (albeit I tried to complete the majority of the challenges available, secondary as well as the main ones).

    Combat is a double-edge sword (excuse the pun). Sometimes it is thoroughly satisfying and gory, other times it's very frustrating. The graphics aren't amazing, but the settings are incredible, particularly the opening beach resort; it's surreal to be fighting zombies around swimming pools, but it doesn't feel cartoony like Dead Rising, it actually feels real and right, like this could actually happen.

    I loved the range of challenges to do, and enjoyed the overall flowing storyline, but it could be a bit weak and clumsy in places. But those flaws didn't put the game off for me at all. I kept bashing away with it, struggling in certain areas and getting annoyed at the damn Infected zombies (as they are very quick and constantly hound you).

    But nevertheless, amongst its weaknesses there is a great game to be found. I found it very enjoyable in most places and found completing challenges very satisfying. Overall this is one of my favourite Xbox 360 games (and I've owned/played a lot). Now that I have just completed it, I also plan to go back to finish off more achievements and play through some of the campaign with the other three main characters too.

    As a final note, the co-op actually works very nicely, and is quite unique compared to other games. You can dip in and out of the co-op as you go, bumping into people, joining their games or allowing them to you yours. Ultimately the game is easier when you are teamed up with others as collectively taking down zombies is much easier. But it's nice to have the option of either working with others or going it alone whenever you want.

    Overall, this is definitely not a perfect game, but it is still great, and definitely the best zombie game I've played to date. I'm reading the novel now too. :)

  2.  All-round great game


    I owned Ace Combat 6 and never got into it. It just seemed way too focused on traditional combat-sim style, and not on making a fun, exciting experience for players. Considering most console gamers are FPS players (including me) it was definitely a good idea from the developer to make this more accessible to the average gamer.

    The storyline is very good and the game features a lot of real-world locations and contemporary politics. Ace Combat 6 was all based in some fantasy world, and the storyline was pretty lame. This feels far more like it could sit alongside CoD or BF games, story-wise, which is a definite plus for me.

    As for the gameplay, it's brilliant. You get to fly around in not only amazing fighter jets, but also helis, the AC130 gunship, and tactical bombers. The combat is also a definite improvement on all former combat-sims with the addition of a up-close-and-personal style system where, once you're locked onto an enemy air or ground unit, you go into a focused view mode where you can engage on a much more exciting level. The cinematics of flying through skycrapers as buildings fall down beside you, is absolutely amazing, and overall the combat experience is brilliant.

    The music and voice acting is all top-notch as well and overall this game provides a lot of enjoyment. I only stuck with the campaign, so I cannot rate the multiplayer experience, but that is also another aspect to the game for hardcore fans of flight combat games. This has put Ace Combat firmly back on the gaming radar and, although taken the series in a new direction, is a definitely positive one which should hopefully attract a lot of new fans.

  3.  It's all about MW vs BF - but MW wins for me, hands down


    Since seeing this has only got 3 stars at the time of writing, I kinda feel like I need to write a review in support of MW3. I've only had it a few days and I love it. Although it is basically MW2.5, I don't see what's so bad about that. I absolutely loved MW2 and spent way too many hours playing it online. This takes the same core game which was such a success and knocks it up a notch. Personally I more than happy to see that they haven't altered a winning formula too much and actually stuck with making a very good, solid and fun game.

    The campaign - and I'm only part-way through it so far - is very engaging and action-packed, as you expect from this franchise. In comparison BF3, which I've recently sold after having completed the campaign, is incredibly lacklustre. I enjoyed the campaign to an extent until it ended very abruptly and overall left me with the feeling of disappointment. So far I'm enjoying the MW3 campaign and I can only see it ending with a big bang, as they always ensure.

    As for multi, they've taken what worked with MW2 and developed on it. No point messing with somethings millions of people enjoyed right? Right. Because I'm loving it all over again (after the weaknesses of Black Ops). There are 16 maps to start off with! And that's a bloody lot on release, and tons of good, classic CoD game-modes. There's loads of things to unlock and you can check out lots of cool stats too, as you would expect from this franchise. BF3 on the other hand offers far fewer maps, poor gametypes (in my opinion) and a multiplayer experience which often doesn't even work - I had so many connection issues I basically gave up with trying. But the BF3 vs MW3 war will always come down to what people enjoy the most. I get zero enjoyment out of BF3's vehicle heavy style of play. I appreciated the team-tactics and the big maps, but I hate dealing with vehicles like you have to in BF. I much, MUCH prefer fast-paced infantry battles and that is exactly what MW3 does so well - and so has the entire CoD franchise. There are no gimmicks, it's just a straight up fast-paced, slugfest. I never got into BF2 online and I couldn't get into it again, so I sold the game pretty quickly. MW3 however, I can definitely see myself playing for a long while (and I'm not as into gaming as I used to be).

    Overall I'm definitely a MW3 (and CoD kinda guy), rather than BF. And I think at the end of the day, that's what it comes down to: MW vs BF. What do you prefer? And if you haven't played the predecessors, then just ask yourself whether you prefer slow, tactical games or fast, intense games. I know exactly what I prefer and I'm sticking with MW3.

  4.  Very addictive game


    Really good game. Took me a couple of hours to get into it, as I've never really played much in the way of a zombie game before, but when I started to see a real storyline form and missions to be undertaken (as the backbone of the game) I really began to get stuck in. I must say I'm quite addicted to it now and have spent the last few nights glue'd to buy xbox. Very compelling and very exciting. The island environment is absolutely amazing.

  5.  Generally a good game


    Unfortunately I feel this probably isn't as good as Red Faction Guerilla, which preceded it. The game has changed quite a bit too, it's now no longer a open world, free roaming third person shooter, which I felt worked really nicely on Guerilla. Instead it's a much more linear storyline based third person shooter. Although the storyline is quite good, and the campaign is actually enjoyable, it just seems to have changed away from a winning formula which many people, I believe, really enjoyed, including me. They seem to have gone with the one-size-fits-all mold, ie the classic linear storyline. Generally however this is still good, but for those of us who really like the open world element to Guerilla, this game comes with a pang of disappointment.

    Besides that, there is no traditonal multiplayer which was actually very fun on Guerilla. Instead, they have replaced it with a GoW Horde-style mode. This isn't bad by any means, it's actually rather good, but at the expense of a normal multiplayer? I don't think that was a very good trade to be honest.

    Overall therefore, I think those are the two key elements which put this game behind Guerilla: no traditional multiplayer and a campaign which is very different in style to the former game. It's a good game which I've enjoyed, but not as much as Guerilla.

  6.  Amazing RTS - second best ever


    I was a massive fan of the original Starcraft and Brood Wars games and have been eagerly awaiting a sequel ever since. However, in the past 10 years my taste in video games has definitely moved on. Back then I absolutely adored RTS games of all sorts; my last properly played RTS was Dawn of War. Since then, and even before (since the golden age), I have moved onto playing a lot more console games and have almost all but forgotten the RTS. Fortunately SC2 has brought it all back to me. This is a brilliant game which has a compelling storyline (although definitely not as good as the first two games) and a multiplayer as good as the first. In fact, I actually prefer playing multi this time around because the matchmaking system is second-to-none. I honestly think matchmaking on SC2 is better than any good console games, and the SC2 game interface (menu, ladders, achievements etc) are excellent. One criticism which many have directed at this game, that it is going to be released as three parts and they will be charging a premium for all three, does not bother me in the slightest. I suppose I can understand how this can be seen as unfair to the younger generation but - I imagine - the vast majority of the sales of these games will probably be coming from those who can afford it with ease. So I am very much looking forward to the next instalments to carry on the captivating storyline and further the multiplayer to even greater depths. Overall I think this is a stunning game and it plays better than any other RTS I've ever played (excluding SC1/BW of course). Blizzard have stayed true to the original and made an updated game which plays just as well as the original did, and in my opinion that was the main achievement in producing the sequel, even if it did come 10 years later; it was a wait I'm happy to have made. 10/10.

  7.  Better campaign than Halo 3


    I wouldn't say I'm a massive halo fan, but I have played all four games and played Halo 3 online extensively for two years. I found ODST's campaign actually a lot more enjoyable and interesting than Halo 3. That's not really a hard thing to achieve though as Halo 3's campaign was pretty rubbish. The story had seriously lost its way and it just wasn't interesting anymore. ODST spiced things up a bit with a completely different angle on the Halo world, which I really liked. Firefight was brilliantly fun. It's definitely not as replayable as the Halo 3 multiplayer but it's a really good laugh when you play with friends, on your own less so. Overall I thought the game was definitely good and well-worth buying, especially if you get it now and it's cheaper than the release price.

  8.  Definitely overlooked


    I bought this game completely on a hunch; all I had seen were some screen shots. It looked pretty nice so I decided I'd treat myself.

    One thing worth clearing up straight away is that it doesn't have any multiplayer, which is a little surprising considering it's a FPS, and most FPS games these days come with a deathmatch style multiplayer. But to be honest, if you're more interested in buying the game for its story then this is a great buy.

    I was really taken in by the story. It's fantastically written and carries you along nicely. Some the environments look fantastically eerie and dark. It's not meant to be a horror game and they certainly haven't gone out of their way to be one, but it is still creepy and chilling at times. You're pretty much always slightly nervous about going anywhere which is fantastic. If you were actually down in those tunnels you'd be incredibly apprehensive about going somewhere new. It's not a nice world to live in and they've portrayed it well. I thoroughly enjoyed playing through the whole single player and will, at some point, probably play it through again. I hope there will be a sequel.

    I'd give it about 85% overall. If there was a good multiplayer and if the combat was slightly better if would be brilliant. The single player however is worth shedding out some money on, definitely.

  9.  Their worst in my opinion


    It saddens me to only give this album a three-star rating but it has to be done. I've been a Mars Volta fan since the start, and an At The Drive-In fan before them. I own all their CDs and love every one, except Octahedron.

    First off I must concede that I am a huge fan of their fast, eccentric , energetic and wildly creative music which can be found all throughout their albums. I do however enjoy the balance a quieter, more reflective song creates in the midst of a frenetic storm of music which they usually deliver. This album however is a lot slower and energyless than the previous four.

    Sure, this album does still have its qualities but it's not the side of the Mars Volta which I absolutely love with a passion. I've listened to it a few times now and I still end up feeling the same way - disappointed. And that is a terrible feeling to have for a band who always delivered.

    There are some other minor qualms which just annoy me, in particular the opening 1 min 30 seconds, which is just pointless (basically inaudible) filler, which they did a lot on Frances the Mute. I'm really not a fan of wasted space in albums and although this only really happens once, it's the opening minute or so, and I have to skip through it everytime.

    In conclusion therefore, this is definitely my least favourite album by the Mars Volta, and in my opinion their weakest. It still displays their talents as pioneering musicians, but in a new way which hasn't really shown itself on a regular basis previously. Needless to say I won't choose to listen to this album over any of their previous ones. I really hope this album is a one off and they'll return to making the music I love.

  10.  Great watch


    I've been a Hellboy fan for many years now, owning all the graphic novels. I enjoyed the first film very much and it did excellently to stick with the themes and feel of the novels. I was a little put off by the trailer to the Golden Army as I felt it had moved a little too far from what the novels are actually like; it began to feel more like Lord of the Rings than Hellboy (albeit I'm a big LOTR fan - but this just didn't seem to do it for me).

    Nevertheless I went along to the screening of Hellboy II and I walked away thoroughly pleased that I had seen a really great film. It had everything. An enjoyable storyline, good characters, good action, and an awful lot of humour which went down really well with myself - a Hellboy fan - and the rest of the audience.

    This is definitely a film that anyone can enjoy, fans of the novels and people who don't know anything about the Hellboy series. Excellent film overall.