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  1.  Total masterpiece.


    Everything's already been said about this, so I'll keep this short. Great captivating storyline (especially if you enjoyed the Indiana Jones film series), fabulous visuals (best I've ever seen, even still), great gameplay, and just an all-round boss game.

    It has a very good and unique multiplayer mode online. It'll certainly tide you over in times of COD-fatigue, and may very well push that game to the side in your gaming regime. There's competitive modes, and co-op ones. Any fans of Nazi Zombies on COD: World at War will get a real kick out of the survival and gold rush modes.

    There is some DLC for the game, but they are reasonably priced (unlike the map packs for Modern Warfare 2). If you bought the game at this price, and bought all the extra content from PSN, you'd probably have spent around twenty-five pounds. If you don't bother with the skin packs, and just get the levels, you'd come in with slightly extra change.

    All told, well-worth eighteen pounds, and I'd recommend the DLC at a few bob more from PSN. I love this game.

  2.  Great feature and good extras, let down slightly by quality.


    I pretty much agree with IanC14. Imaginationland is a fantastic three parter by Matt and Trey, and the version on the DVD is the "Director's Cut" version. I think there might be one or two scene transitions that are longer than the one that was aired, and no swear words are beeped. Also included are two bonus episodes - Woodland Critter Christmas, and Manbearpig.

    Anyway, I love South Park, and if you do, you'll have a real hoot watching these episodes, especially if you've never seen them before. Unfortunately, the actual video quality on this DVD isn't that great (same thing with The Cult of Eric Cartman, another South Park DVD). There's lots of combing present (artefact of interlaced video), and there's some weird letterboxed widescreen thing going on.

    It's a shame, and is the reason I gave this DVD four stars, otherwise it'd have gotten five. Anyway, it's not too ruinous, and let's face it - South Park looks like crap, anyway. The stuff on the DVD looks as good as it does on television, and for South Park that's good enough, really. It's a shame they didn't make it progressive-scan and such, but it doesn't really matter.

  3.  Excellent Television.


    This arrived today, and I am highly impressed with it! Crystal clear picture, great blacks, and some fantastic features (like the dynamically changing contrast). I use this television for a variety of things. Currently, I have my Xbox 360 connected to it via HDMI, my original Xbox connected via RGB SCART, and my PS2 connected by component. The television scales and filters lower resolution stuff wonderfully. I play Street Fighter Alpha 3 a lot on my PS2, and that game's resolution is only 384 x 224. So it has a big potential to look rather bad on a HD set. However, this television presents it beautifully.

    My one slight complaint is that the default set up for the HDMI inputs is rather baffling. By default, they are seemingly disabled, or hidden. You can't find them at all. You need to press the 'DVD MENU' button on your remote go across to the 'SET UP' menu, go down to 'AV connection', click 'OK', and change the 'PC/HDMI audio' setting to 'HDMI1'. Once this is done, the HDMI channels can be found on the external list. Baffling. The people on the Toshiba helpline didn't seem to know what was going on, either. I had to figure it out by myself.

    For those intending to connect their PS2s via component (you can use 'PS3 component cables' for PS2, they are interchangeable), this is important- remember to change the setting on your PS2 so it can output component properly! I spent a while this morning scratching my head, trying to figure out why the TV was picking up the PS2 audio, but wasn't displaying any image,

    If you're getting this problem, what you need to do is have your PS2 connected in some way that displays the image on screen. Now, boot your PS2 without any disc inside it (or with the lid up/tray open), and go into 'System Configuration'. Go through the options until you get to 'Component Video Out'. If this says 'RGB', then the video cannot be sent through your component cables. Change this setting to 'Y Cb/Pb Cr/Pr', and your PS2 is now set up for use with component cables, and everything should work.

    So anyway, this television is an excellent piece of kit, and destroys everything else in it's same price/size range. I highly recommend.

  4.  Perfect.


    I don't know what everyone else is talking about, but this component cable works excellently for me. I use it on my Toshiba Regza XV Series 32" 32XV555 HD 1080p television, and the picture is wonderful. Note, I use this lead for my PS2, *not* a PS3. Component leads are interchangeable between PS2 and PS3.

    Also worthy of note, the infamous PS2 'green screen' DVD playback when using an RGB SCART cable is *not* present when using a component cable. With component, you can watch DVDs on your PS2 in full RGB quality, without everything going green. Which is handy.

    Also allows certain PS2 games to be played in progressive scan.

  5.  It's simple, and works perfectly.


    I have never bought or used a router before. I also run Linux on my PC, and thus usually have greater difficulty in getting new hardware to work with my computer than most people. However, I got this, simply plugged it into my PC and Xbox 360, and it works perfectly! Despite the supplied 'install CD' which I didn't bother to install. Just plugged it in, and voila, internet was being supplied to, and shared between my PC and 360. I couldn't be happier with it.

    The specs listed are a little vague. Basically, it's wired (which is all I needed), you can connect up to four different Ethernet devices (PCs, consoles, etc) up to this router (not including your internet modem), and that's about it. Which is great, in my book. Practically no setting up required. My PC internet and my Xbox LIVE work smoothly and simultaneously with this router, and that's all you can ever ask for. I'm really impressed with it.

  6.  Great keyboard.


    I bought a new computer recently, but decided to spend the entire budget on the actual hardware. Consequently, I've been lumbered for the past few weeks using the old keyboard and mouse etc that I had for my old computer. The mouse is still good, but the old keyboard was really awful. Old, crusty, and sticky.

    Anyway, I finally got around to buying a new one. As I run Linux, it had to be a simple 'plug-n-play' one through the PS/2 port. That's all I would have gotten regardless of OS (I believe having to install a keyboard or mouse is highly unnecessary), anyway. So I saw this, and thought I'd take a gamble, as it was only a fiver, and I know Trust are a great brand.

    Really really impressed with it. I'm typing on it now! It's perfect. It does all the basic things you need (if you need anything more from a keyboard than this, then you're basically just a ponce), and has nice quiet keys. You might be dissuaded by the price, but ignore that.

    It's a high quality keyboard.

  7.  A great CD for two quid.


    27 classic Beatles songs for two quid? Bargain. Note; this is a cover band playing the songs, NOT the real Beatles. It clearly says 'Bornagen Beatles' in the item title, but I didn't click and just bought it because it says 'The Beatles' on it, and was two quid.

    So I was a bit taken back when it was delivered, and I looked at the box and realized it was a cover band. Still, was only two quid, so I wasn't going to fanny about getting a refund or anything, and decided to give it a chance.

    It's actually really very good, the cover band get it absolutely spot on instrumentally, and the vocals mostly sound like the Beatles. The one huge upside about this being a Beatles cover band CD, is the modern recording equipment the tracks were recorded with. The original recordings sound a bit crusty in quality compared to these.

    Don't get me wrong, the originals are where it's at, but still, a worthy CD, and a worthy addition to anyone's collection even if they have all the songs already, due to the reasons outlined above. It's only two quid. I recommend for a Beatles fan, purely to hear the songs in such clear recordings.