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  1.  Magnificent, but Muse are capable of more...


    After giving this album three listens in a day I can quite honestly say that while The Resistance is decent indeed; it's still not their best album... that honour always has and will remain with Origin of Symmetry so for anyone new to the band I would still suggest starting from the beginning and building up to their latest wotk.

    For eveyone else though who's more familiar with Muse this is a very enjoyable album and will undoubtedly satisfy the fans, for anyone who has come to the conclusion that they don't like it from first listen though, I would strongly advise another couple of listens because this is when the album will truly start to shine.

    Every track is different and adds to the album in its own way with the exception of possibly Guiding Light which is easily the weakest track on the album for me personally.

    But there is still a lot to like in tracks such as Resistance, Undisclosed Desires and Unnatural Selection plus even the two recently aired 'singles' Uprising and United States of Eurasia sound a lot better when heard in context not to mention the Exogenesis symphony which rounds the album off nicely even if it's not quite an epic finish as some may have come to expect from Knights of Cydonia on the bands previous album.

    Overall the album is a triumph but the band should not rest on their laurels after this because they are capable of far greater and they know it... but for now this will do rather nicely.

  2.  Ignore inconclusive single-star reviews...


    The seldom seen kid is an excellent album from elbow, i say this as a fan of their work; it may not be as good as their earlier albums but what they have created is an album which works on a level that both long-term fans and more mainstream purchasers will appreciate.

    If you purchase this album and find that you enjoy their style then i would suggest picking up cast of thousands which is their stunning sophomore album of a completely different but amazing style.

    As it stands though, this is still a decent purchase that you really can't go far wrong with, many will appreciate this for what it is, a decent album for its time, those who single-star it without giving it a chance just have a different taste in music and will never appreciate this band which is a great shame in my opinion.

    Elbow may not be one of the best bands in existence but they are certainly original and definitely do justice to what they perform.

  3.  It's STILL the Killers, it's STILL good, just different...


    Since their debut album the Killers have always strived to take a different direction with each album and it works, Hot Fuss was excellent for it's time of release and while some songs were grossly overhyped, tracks like Mr Brightside still shine on today, like rebel diamonds cut out of the sun.

    Personally from a fan perspective, Sam's Town is their best, the direction was right for them and almost every track oozed quality.

    Now their third main album Day and Age is yet another brilliant direction, not quite as good as Sam's Town but nonetheless decent; the eighties throwbacks are actually quite minimal and if one thing can be said about it, the album is most definitely their most diverse and mostly in a good way.

    For me Human, while good is overrated, Spaceman is the track of the album here, back up by suitably solid songs that are A Dustland Fairytale, Neon Tiger and The World We Live In, the rest of the tracks bar one or two are "growers" but overall it's another awesome album from the band.

    My advice to anyone wanting to get into The Killers though is to first buy Sawdust (currently £5) which is a collection of the best songs from their first and second albums in remixed form with many other quality B-sides and then purchase Day and Age with an open mind, for everyone else though who knows what they like, get this album and smile like you mean it. :)