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Product Reviews

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  1.  The best game i have ever played


    This game is so fun i spent hours just taking people to the top of buildings and sucking their life out.

  2.  Really good and creepy.......but one minor problem


    Well this game is awsome, the story line is cool and creepy, the gameplay is awsome. But the game has a tendancy to lag, alot ! Apart from this it is awsome

  3.  AWESOME !!!!


    This game is amazing. I got mine on thursday and completed it by friday. The ending is really good 2. Defo buy this !

  4.  OK.


    Well this game was fun, BUT the graphics were poor. Multiplayer good but still graphics bad.

  5.  BRILLIANT!!!!!!!


    This game is so cool and amazing. The story is brilliant and the gameplay is superb. How can people say this is bad! it's better than most games out there.

    BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6.  Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This is one of the stupidest games i have ever played. Sure the graphics are good but the gameplay is bad. We all have seen the same story before, fight in war = becoming a hero. Multiplayer is stupid!
    Story is stupid

  7.  AMAZING...But rent it.


    This game is really something special. But only rent this game, it took me 1 day to complete it. The achievment are good.

  8.  AMAZING!!!!!


    For all the people that are annoyed over the price of the ps3. Dont be! Buy the Xbox 360 instead! The graphics are the same. It has the same games plus better ones. I had the ps2 since it came out and i thought it was good, but then I played the xbox 360 and oh my god. It is the best. I got used to the controls after about 10 mins. Definitaly the best console! The games range from Halo 3 to Far cry to GTA 4. Without a any question the best console out there!!!!!

  9.  OMG!!!!!


    One of the best games ever created!!!!! So so good.I was not dissapointed at all!

  10.  Amazing


    I thought this game was really amazing. You can play 2 story modes plus you can create maps! its so good and for £10 even better so stop moening.