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  1.  Disney Blu-ray Folly


    Called by Critics on its release "Disneys Folly" Fantasia went on to Wow Audiences for gnerations and although it didnt go the way Walt planned (being released every few years with some new and some old segments) it has spawned a sequel and possibly more to come.
    the sound and picture on these two discs are both 100% my only problem is the lack of anything else .
    I have the R1 dvd box set on dvd and there is so much missing from the Blu-ray theres no hour long making of on film disc no animated shorts and none of the 2hr 41 mins bonus disc FANTASIA LEGACY .
    theres not even the FANTASIA WORLD advertised on the trailer on this site .
    this is going to have to be another one where i need to buy a double disc Blu-ray case so i can keep hold of the DVD.
    so with the Exception of Beauty and the Beast DISNEY SPECIAL EDITION means they have made it special by removing anything that might distract you from the film.
    But as people buy these discs mainly for the film i have given it 4 stars .

    Picture 10/10
    Sound 10/0
    Extras 1/10
    Thanks to the reviewer above ,when i made my report i didnt have an internet connection on my player but i have now.
    the extra material is there if you have a connection but for some reason it only plays on a screen a third of the size of your tv, I still cant work out why it wasnt just put on the discs (or a bonus disc for people who got the box set).
    so i would change the Extras rating to 5/10 as this could have been so much better with a little thought.

  2.  Where's The Rest of it ?


    First of all i cant fault the picture and sound on this disc it is fantastic and looks probably better than its original cinema release over 70 years ago and to answer the previous review if they had made it wide screen it would have lost 1/3 of the picture and disney had complaints when they did that so they stoped it .
    No my problem is with the criminal lack of extras on this diamond edition.
    Having flicked through the extra disc there is only about an hour (i dont count commentrys or games) and a bout 25 mins of this was on the dvd version.
    The platinum dvd version i have has over 190 mins (3hrs 10 mins) on disc two alone of stunning extras along with the digitaly remastered film and more on disc one .
    So if you have the platinum dvd version and a small screen tv you will probably be best keeping to the dvd but if you need it for the film i suggest you do what i have to and try to get a 4 disc blu-ray box and keep the secound bonus feature disc from the dvd .
    5 Stars for the film
    2 Stars for the extras

  3.  Jim Hensons other world classic


    This has been one of my fav films ever since its release and i cant wait to see the Blu ray make over
    Take a trip to another world in this classic action adventure.
    the DARK CRYSTAL the source of balance and truth in the universe was shattered ,dividing the world in to two factions the wicked Skeksis and the peacful Mystics and its down to Jen the last of his race.
    directed by Jim Henson (the muppets) and Frank Oz (Blues Brothers) and produced by Gary Kurtz (the Empire strikes back).

  4.  Good But Better This could be


    This is a great series of little adventures (probably not for those poeople sitting in there bedroom who spend 22 hrs a day on face book claming that anything that isnt Empire strikes Back just isnt wort watching).
    I was lucky enough to have met George Lucas (or GOD as he sholud be known) and he commented that one thing i think everyone should rember is that STAR WARS is Made for children always has and always will so these are perfecrt for children of all ages ,im 36 years old but when it comes to STAR WARS im 8 again.
    BUT and it is a J-LO size but i do think 4 episodes a disc is a bit tight on behalf ofLucas films as this series has been reported to span 100 episodes a compleate box set is unlikley for quite some time at least 10 episodes per release on a double dvd would keep the shelf space needed for this down at least.
    Still worth watching if you like action and adventure .
    May the force be with you