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  1.  Pass on this


    I liked the Hangover movies and really wanted to like this too. However, I found it hard to care about the main character (or any of them!) Annie Walker is unpleasant, envious, socially inept, unfriendly, weak and shallow. Sad that her attempt at business failed, but if she insulted her customers as she did in the jewellers, that's no surprise. I felt she got just what she deserved. If diarrhoea, vomiting and crude sex talk makes you ache with laughter, then this is the movie for you. If like me you've just had an evil dose of the Norovirus, you'll be sure to avoid this too.

  2.  Incredible Film


    Saw this on TV yesterday and am buying it today! I didn't want to see it for a long time because I'm a huge fan of the musical version, but this is a must-see. This film delves far more deeply into the truth surrounding the sometimes stormy relationship between the two main characters and how eastern and western cultures can learn from one another. The settings and scenery are breathtakingly beautiful and the actors are brilliant making it such an exciting and engaging film.

  3. 300



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    My Blu-ray copy is as clear as a bell so I can't agree with the "grainy" descriptions. As a movie, I loved it. Action-packed and thrilling with more than my fair share of gorgeous muscular bodies thrown in as an added bonus. This film celebrates a time when men were real men and women were real women whose survival depended on their willingness to fight to the death. Butler is, of course, utterly glorious with a very strong supporting cast. Never a dull moment and plenty of grit. Awesome!

  4.  I'd rather hunt for a bounty!


    Had such high hopes for this as Gerard Butler is the coolest, sexiest dude in the world and Jennifer Aniston is a gorgeous babe. Couldn't wait to see them together, but I felt a bit let down. It has amusing parts, and I quite like the cat and mouse stuff but the plot was a bit wishy washy and I didn't feel the on-screen chemistry between the two leads that I wanted to. And being a 12 certificate, they were both far too "fully clothed" for me through the movie!

  5.  Disappointingly Average


    Bought this on the strength of loving every other Katherine Heigl movie I've seen: The Ugly Truth, 27 Dresses, Knocked Up...but this was a bit flat, to be honest. I just don't see the chemistry between Duhamel and Heigl that other reviewers have seen. I don't get it that they eventually fall in love - when and why does this happen? For me, their relationship was not believable from the start.
    However, the saving grace is that the film has an unusual situation at its heart that is handled very sensitively. Duhamel just doesn't do it for me, but if he does it for you, buy it - you might like it!

  6.  The Sweetest Thing


    I heard the soundtrack to this movie in a friend's car, thought it was awesome and immediately bought it on CD (remember them?). It was ages before I got around to watching the movie and I'm annoyed with myself that I waited so long! What a totally brilliant film! Reece and Josh are wonderful and Patrick Dempsey...girls, what are you waiting for? Candice Bergen is a real comic gem. Remember her from advertising some perfume in the 1970s but not much else. She is brilliant in this and I can't believe she has hidden her light under a bushel for so long. I would give this film more stars if I could. I have watched my copy so often that it may be wearing out! Never disappoints - always a tremendous joy and pleasure to watch! Just wish I could persuade the "much beloved" to give it a try but he won't budge...his loss.

  7.  Bloody and Marvellous!


    If you like your vampires hot and sexy, this is for you! There never seems to be a dull moment in Bon Temps, always plenty of action to keep mere mortals entertained, TB is way more grown up than Twilight and I'm not gonna lie to you: it's graphic in its adult content so I think the 18 certificate is well earned. It is pretty full-on gory at times (particularly season 3) with plenty of the red stuff being spilt so mealtime viewing might be unwise! I'm totally hooked and would award it more stars if I could!

  8.  Hot Stuff!


    This film is absolutely excellent in my opinion. JT and MK work perfectly together when they both decide to take the annoying emotional stuff out of relationships which sounds like a brilliant idea...if only it would work! This idea has been explored in many a romcom, but this one truly has a unique edge. JT's acting is surprisingly good and it's a very believable setup. Loving this and chomping at the bit for the DVD release!

  9.  I wish you wouldn't put your tongue in me mouth!


    What a madcap romp this really is with superb acting by the leads and supports. Great fun, very naughty, not for anyone with a prudish nature. Real escapism and entertainment - fantastic to see Black Lace again but not doing Agadoo! If you like a laugh with a naughty edge, this is definitely for you!

  10.  Groundbreaking and Sidesplitting!


    Ally McBeal has got to be one of those exceptionally special almost magical journeys. In my opinion, every box has been ticked from the insanely quirky humour to the great empathy that the audience will feel for Ally and, as the series progress, the co-stars too. There are some real elements of genius here with a superb script, well-formed characters and sufficient cgi so that you'll always know what the characters are thinking and feeling - what a hoot! Couple this with the awesome music and amazing performances from legends such as Jon Bon Jovi, Dyan Cannon, Robert Downey Jnr and the late, great John Ritter (check out the Wiggle Walk!).
    Keep a huge quantity of tissues handy as you really will laugh until you cry and then you'll cry until you laugh again! Either way, your face is going to get wet so be prepared!