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  1. SSX


    Xbox 360

    6 New from  £10.65  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99



    Fast, exciting, Tricky.

    What a game this is, it's really a flash from the past and reminds me why i used to love the SSX franchise.

    The gameplay itself is fast and frustrating. Frustrating when you fall down cliffs, hit trees (so many trees) or fall short of the time you're trying to beat. It's this frustration that makes it all the more satisfying once a run is completed. Tie that in with beating your friends on xboxlive, all setting times and scores... and we have 8 hours lost right there!

    Don't get this used however as you will be without a usable online code.

    Buy it now if you're unsure. You wont regret it! x x x x x (5 stars not kisses)

  2.  Ddin't really know what to expect...


    Okay, so it's a more indie version of Kick Ass. Maybe that's a little harsh, but to refer it to Kick Ass is the obvious choice. Here is a little gem which follows our protagonist and his troubles through life. There is action, gore, humour, story.. the film has it all really. What a lovely way to end my night, although the girlfriend found it a bit too violent in places.

    Watch it, tell your friends, get the word out that this film is here, you don't want to miss it.

  3.  Fab


    Leo is fast becoming one of the greatest actors of this generation, and once again shows his talent in this. The pace is quick, the story is well put together, editing is strong, doesn't give anything away till the end. Subtle hints throughout, without giving anything away, possibly the hardest thing to do, and does it very well. Intense film that will make your mind feel like it's had an unwanted sexual night with mike tyson..

  4.  Fantastic


    Excellent editing throughout gave it pace, the animation throughout was clear, fresh and well executed and really added to the film. The acting was great, each character was unique which gave it an extra edge. Easily one of the best films of 2010.

  5.  hmm :/


    i really did want to like this film more than i do. I loved borat and everything close to the edge or even beyond that i will usually laugh at, but i didn't really like bruno, didn't feel the same way towards him... although some of the stuff is funny, like on the chat show and the swingers party, some of it isn't, and as reviewers have said before me it's just the same story as borat. The last scene at UFC is just so cringeworthy it ends up not being that funny. I think although it continues in the same humor way it isn't as well executed, and definately isn't as original as Borat, and no where near as good!

  6.  Really wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much


    Well it isn't Terminator 1... but then again it doesn't try and be. It's in my opinion the most glamourous out of the 4 films, it has plenty of action sequences, and whilst not giving too much away in the sense of reaching a conclusion (2 more films still to come..) it does leave you wanting more. Bale was solid but nothing special, and the women characters were severly under-developed, however as a stand alone film this would've had much higher opinions and ratings, but because it carries the name Terminator it is instantly compared. Watch this if you love explosions and action films... and it has actually amazing CGI, well at the cinema it did anyway, maybe on dvd not so much, but blu-ray yeah!

  7. Juno



    22 New from  £2.98  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.34



    Well, where do i start? The film has a brilliant cast and every body performs to a very high standard. It's a simple story brought to life, shown over a year period, before and after the pregnancy, and it really does just show what having an unexpected baby can do. With a very satisfying ending (which seems uncommon nowadays) it leaves you with that warm feeling, and will leave you thinking about the film for the rest of the day.

  8.  Brilliant


    fact/fiction? Clough really like that? Well who knows, all i know is that Sheen is brilliant, and gives us a unique insight to what the directors interpretation of Cloughs life is... it's very entertaining showing the ups and downs throughout Cloughs career. But it is the best British film of the year, and is definately the greatest football film that's ever been made.

  9.  Really is actual garbage..


    This is probably the first movie i've disliked all year.. was it steve coogans awful american accent? was it the awful script? was it the dire exicution of the entire film? Well it was all 3, and probably more things but i'm so gutted it was bad i'm too upset to think of anymore! But on a serious note i love steve coogan, from his alan partridge days, and will continue to think of him in that manner and try and erase this attempt at a feature length film go over my head so i can enjoy his future films. But in this he really wasn't funny in anyway, more so embarrasing :/



    Well i've decided to write a review because of the staggering amount of reviews giving it 1 or 2 stars... Clearly some of these people haven't seen Will Ferrell before because in this he's exactly the same character he plays in semi-pro and blades of glory, which are two very funny films. Tallagena nights is where these two worked together first and were hilarious, and in my opinion culminate them 3 funny films to make this CLASSIC comedy, that really should make everybody laugh from start to finish. Watch it now because it really isn't to be missed. (: