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  1.  Work of art


    This game is a fantastic piece of game craft.

    Slow to begin with, and the controls can be both the greatest and most annoying thing about the title.

    But overall the game is a revelation. Some of the most finely crafted dungeons ever put together. The first couple are relatively basic, but after that Nintendo start showing its flair for the inventive. And there's a few clever new weapons and devices available for Link to use, which I shall not spoil here.

    Perhaps the game's greatest triumph is its visuals. It backs away from the darker look of Ocarina and, more so, Twilight, and looks like one huge water colour painting. It's almost as if Twilight Princess and Wind Waker had a baby.

    But visually the game looks timeless. And despite lacking the HD sheen of its Xbox and PS3 rivals, the product stands up next to them thanks to the unique look.

    Music is fully orchestrated, although unusually the new tracks aren't quite up to Kojima-sans standards. The classic Zelda music played by an orchestra is a delight however. And there are a few catchy tracks to look out for.

    In terms of specifics, the game features a Sky overworld, which Link can fly around, help inhabitants, find treasure, and generally mess about. While the world below the sky (AKA, Hyrule) is where the action takes place.

    In this game Zelda doesn't go AWOL for the whole title, like she does in previous titles. Nor does she annoying hover around you like Spirit Tracks. She appears just enough for you to actually care about the princess. Which isn't something a Zelda game has ever really pulled off before.

    Clocking in at around 30-40 hours. There's plenty to enjoy. And you will be devastated when it is finished. Just like every other classic Zelda game.

    It's a must purchase.