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  1.  Fantastic.


    An absolute pop masterpiece, brilliant. Not much more I can say, but I have to keep typing to get 50 characters.

  2. 25 Years

    25 Years

    Middle Class Rut (MC Rut) - CD

    12 New from  £4.86  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.98

     One of the best new bands around.


    I didn't buy this as I have the original 8 track EP. Try and get that if you can as this one doesn't include 'Busy being born' which is one of their best songs.

  3.  Good, but nothing new.


    Tales of Valour is a basic expansion pack for the brilliant Company of Heroes series with three new missions and other assorted improvements, but essentially the same game as opposing fronts.
    Online players will see the most improvement, some new units and maps, tweaked graphics and sound and an improved lobby with three new co-op missions as well as the usual matches.
    Still the best real time war stratergy game out there, I was just hoping for something new, rather than just an add on pack that ToV is.
    For people new to CoH I would advise looking at the previous games which can be bought very cheaply now

  4.  Not 5 star


    Fail to see why people rave about this so much. When I think of survival/horror I imediately think of the old Resident Evil games, Dead Space has none of the tension or shock factor of RE, only a child could find it scary. Its basically a long drawn out shoot 'em up, going through endless corridoors and elevators shooting unimpressive monsters, and I can't believe people are still making games with end of level 'bosses', very boring. Everything is very easy to work out and requires no thought. The graphics may be excellent but the game play is uninteresting. Easy to forget.

  5.  One of the best... EVER.


    Simply one of the finest games ever produced. Super addictive online play, excellent graphics and sound. Played it every day since I bought it two months ago.

  6.  Not all that.


    Fantastic graphics and scenery, but no gameplay. They've done a great job creating paradise city, but I think they have over done it. Miles and miles of boring staight roads with a small twisty section, unclear map makes navigation a pain.. There's barely any traffic on the roads and the 'racing' is pathetically easy, marked man and road rage are more fun, but it all gets a bit tiresome to quickly. Ok for a bit of no brain mahem, but race fans shouldn't bother.

  7.  Fantastic.


    This game is pure FUN, you cannot play it without a constant grin on your face. The graphics are stunning and the game play excellent. Its simple to play and not that demanding on the brain but if you just want to have a laugh then this is the game for you. Anyone of any age will enjoy this game.

  8.  If you only buy one game this year...


    ...buy this. The finest RTS game available, if you liked CoH you will love this even more. Two new fantastic armies and missions plus loads of new skirmish maps. Even after playing for months you will still be impressed by the detail and movement of the game.

  9.  Rubbish


    What dross, all you have to do is hold down the throttle and steer, no challenge whatsoever. Loading screens seem to take longer than the races and you have to put up with some anoying american crap whilst waiting. Graphics are no better than any PS2 game. Too easy and too boring. Expect many 2nd hand copies available soon.