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  1.  Disgrace, WASTE OF MONEY


    Its a disgrace how long they took to release this game, and they have nothing to show for it, but poor graphics, poor music, annoying music in the game menu's that isn't easily switched off, poor handing of cars, unrealistic crashes, after all this time your car still doesn't take any real damage.
    The list goes on and on.
    If you want a good racing game thats better than Gran Turismo 5, Purchase Real racing 2 for the Iphone.

  2.  Greatest game so far on PS3


    This game has no faults.
    I try to think of one, but cant think of anything.
    The guys who made this game covered everything little detail of this game.

    Maybe in a future Call Of Duties I would like to be able to hop in a tank, or a helicopter.

  3.  Very Dull and Very Boring, No Excitement in this Game


    I'm been looking forward to this game for a while, so that I could maybe get a little taster of Gran Turismo 5.
    To begin with I thought the game was seriously lacking excitement, the control with the cars is terrible,the worst I'm seen in a car game for a while. I thought when I got more in depth with the game, things would pick up. I was very wrong.
    The game doesn't deliver a challenge, everything is to straight forward and predictable when racing.
    If Gran Turismo 5 is similar to this,its going to be a big let down to us fans. And I mean, why dont they have damage on the cars yet? It really annoys me in car games when you crash into things the car stays in one piece, its nonsense.

    This game to me, is the worst game I'm played yet on the Playstation 3. I know its not the full game, but they shouldn't have released this game, it'l only damage their sales for the full version coming out.

  4.  Funky and classic Prince.


    The Album is Brilliant. Its funky,and there are good few upbeat songs on there that just makes you want to get up an dance around like a fool. I wasn't expecting such a good album from him to be honest. I hope he releases a live album soon.