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  1.  If you liked the 1st


    This game continues where the first finished, and not to give too much away, you end up on another island. The game hasn't really changed much, everything in place has just been added to. You can drive the same indestructible 4x4 (which everyone on these islands seems to own!) but now you can pilot a motorboat type of thing, there's different things to collect, different mods. But essentially, to me, the engine is unimproved, I mean it was ok, but needed some tweeks. The real let down,for me, was again; no player instigated saves, I mean it's free-roam, what developer wouldn't put player saves in place?
    I liked the 1st game and I give this 4 stars as though it were the 2nd half of it, you can buy it now for less than a lot of dlc packs, so considering that you get a lot for your money. Hope this helps.

  2.  Great re-playable solo game


    Don't be put off by the sequence in Bree, get straight over to Fornost. Good characters, great graphics, LOTR feel to everything, good fighting controls and special ability casting. There is 3 different levels, which you unlock on game completion (playthru on norm to unlock heroic, playthru on heroic to unlock legend.). Good character levelling up, with some powerful abilities to unlock. Get better and better gear and weapons as the game progresses. Multiplayer is basically playing the solo campaign with your two AI team-mates replaced by other people. The previous reviewer was on about the poor multiplayer, i can tell you exactly what the problem is, there's one on-line trophy which is abit glitchy, so 90% of people will drop out of the game as soon as they've unlocked it, the other 10% are testing out the multiplayer and probably drop back to solo soon after. You desperately want to play this through on-line. Get 2 friends to play it with you, who are going to stick it out for a set amount of time.
    P.S. It hasn't got any combo unlocks, not really anyway (you know : square, square, triangle, square for 'Supersmash' etc) but doesn't suffer for it.

  3.  'Fallout' with swords


    If you like fallout 3/ fallout:new vegas, you'll love this. The same, massive free roaming style, play the storyline at your speed, or embark on adventures and sidequests. Build your character (which you choose at the start, similar to fallout, except you can be an orc, elf, or various other creatures and humans) along whichever path suits your style: thief, wizard, barbarian, or combination of attributes as you level up, with hundreds of weapon combos and set ups and the attire to match. Plus an interesting storyline worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster. (still more voice actors are required though, the distinctive ones are used way too much).

  4.  Sci-fi RPG


    Listen to the other guys, this is a great game, modify your character, and, as the game progresses, modify your teammates, weapons, ship. Follow missions and side missions in the order you wish and steadily uncover a story and galaxy as wide and diverse as it is rich and interesting. A bargain to be snapped up at 25quid, i'd mention the DLC but with the PSN as it is, this will have to remain a mystery

  5.  metallic colour....really!?


    Sony official product, i'd recommend to anyone having racked up 70 days (yes 70 days) on COD MW 1 & 2, on various controllers, these are way superior.....BUT.... this controller is not metallic Blue, it is plain blue(and a lot lighter blue than shown), metallic colours have small flecks within that reflect the light adding an extra sparkle, my bike is metallic blue, my new controller isn't. If you just want a blue controller, great, 5 stars buy this. If you want to save some dollar buy the trusty black.

  6.  Better and better


    Maybe a little slower to get going than the others, but winds up nicely, with a great story and wonderful characters. But in my view Simon Pegg's character: Buck, steals the show. My 3 year old daughter watched this every day for 3 weeks (near enough) and to be fair I also find it easy to watch again and again. A perfect family film.

  7.  Easy platinum


    Fun game but repititive if you're going for trophies. It only gets 2 stars as the storyline is to broken up with the free roaming nature of the game. More for kids and i definitely wouldn't pay more than a tenner

  8.  Actually really good


    I'm a big MW 1 and 2 fan. And had doubts about this. But I really enjoyed it, yes the campaign is short, but not if you play it on the hardest setting, the graphics are very good, and the people and guns are very realistic. Online is good, and is focused more on team work, the trouble is, maybe it's the trophy hunters, but alot of people are playing the various game modes like they would team deathmatch which sort of ruins it. Online the explosions are great, and the partially destructable enviroment fun.
    One thing is not clear though : does this edition come with Frontline? I passed up the oppurtunity of buying this for 17.99 in favour of a second hand special edition that definitely had it. The graphics on Frontline still look PS2, as a pose to the PS3 editions of GOW 1 and 2, but it's fun with some easy trophies if that's your thing

  9.  The collar and tie of hoodies


    Basically a smart, fine knit jumper, not too heavy or thick...with a hood, which is sort of double layered. Being a 40 inch chest I ordered a large, which is just big enough, it is like a skinny T of the jumper world (maybe this will change after a few washes) giving it a fitted feel. The arms are long, (but look like they should fold into a cuff), which was okay for me as i'm 6 feet tall. Overall very good, and a bargain at 26-27 pounds, feels more like 60 quid's worth.

  10.  To buy.. or buy not....


    I have given this five stars based on the look and detail of the figure and Sideshow's past high standards.
    The reason I write this early review is to say check out Sideshow's You-tube clip, reviewing this premium figure, it gives more details of the figure and a better look. It is 1.26 mins, (the time should help seperate it from other clips) It helped me decide positively. And Play, again, offer it at a very, very good price