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  1.  geekgasim quite possible


    firstly the film is a quality ride loved it and was a really good way to reboot the franchise. this however isn't jsut a blu ray this is a effin t-600 endoskeleton head that holds your terminator blu rays. yay! i was lucky to get this for 20 quid but even at 50 i'd buy it now i know how cool it actually is. i wish it lit up like the t2 version but you can't have everything. be warned those of a nervous disposition or with little bowl control beware this thing could induce you into a nerd coma whereby hours of your life will seemingly pass you buy as you stare endlessly and think to yourself how cool is this!!

  2.  absolutly bloody fantastic


    if youve ever been scared in a movie then you will no that feeling of complete terror after the movie has ended, when your in your room and the tinyest noise sends shivers down your spine. well up until i watched this movie i had never felt that before. first off this isnt a movie everyone will like the 70's feel some people really wont get and you wont like this i your horror comes nice and shrinkwrapped like the saw franchise but if you like really solid cinema the you will love this. it truly is the most creeped out i have been in a movie for a long time the acting is great and the score is brilliant. you need to watch this in complete darkness with your sound turned up to 11 because the sound alone is enough to scare the ears off a gundark


  3.  absolutly beautiful


    just finished watching this right before writing this review. i saw this years ago and have put of buying it for years so i could get it on blu ray. i took my kids to see it in 3d the other week which was brilliant better than the first time i saw it but tonight has reafirmed to me that this movie is timeless and in bluray it is stunningly crisp the colors are fantastic the sound is awesome even if you already have this you owe it to yourself to give this a run on blu ray as it really is somthing very very special. ive not had chance to watch the sf but they look great as pixar usually always do. buy it now cause you really wont regret it

  4.  unbelieveable


    if your like me and you thought that watchmen could never be made then your probably right but they did come as bloody close as i rekon anyone could. black frieghter is awesome i loved every second of it. it has all the brooding melancholy of the book and more its fantastic and even better is hollis mason book i crnt believe the managed to get all of the important stuff from that and make this. if your like me and love watchmen and all things geek related then you probably already have the dvd if your not like me and you havent seen the movie yet then wait for the dvd release but buy this now while its so bloody cheap.!!!!!! i sincerely reckonmend a bowl strategically placed under the chin though as your eyes may fall out with so much eye candy



    This game has blew me away! I love it ive heard some mixed reviews for it but face it its a hose of the dead game but its also a rip off of grindhouse what else could you want its also the funniest thing ive seen this year im only on the thrid level trying not to play it to much cause i need the the gun which im wiating for as i reckon it'll just make it even better

    Get this game now tho its not for the faint hearted its pretty close to the nail.

  6.  superb DVD


    I absolutly crnt wait for the dvd ive been watching it on itunes for a few weeks but its so bloody expensive on it so i thought id wait for the dvd. If you didnt like the comic then you probably wont like this dvd. Its basicly the comic page for page word for word but using the comic frames in a sort of stop motion animation. For watchmen fans you need this it really highlights some of the things that you might miss out on when reading the novel. Since gibbons has had a lot to do with this project it really gives you the sense of somthing special. Ive never seen anything like this before the animation is superb and really gives you the cinematic experience that the novel does in the panels.

    Pre order this one now before it get expensive roll on march 6

  7.  gutted!


    Well i am trully gutted i missed this in the cinema because its fantastic i didnt really like hellboy 1 but it grew on me and after a few times i have grown to love the characters the dvd blows me away though the movie is great its full of action really good action and a great story plus del toro made it! Its on the 2nd disc that this really comes alive. If you like the extended lotr then you'll love this the docu is as extensive as one might need and its fantastic to see del toro so fan boy enthused when everyone else it just seems like a job its deffinatley in the world of pans labryinth and is visually stunning. If this dvd is anything to go by the hobbit is going to be bloody brilliant! Like i would ever doubt it was! Roll on 2010

  8.  sounds great


    Never played this before as its a xmas present for my wife but it looks really good fun and its deffinatley good value

  9.  super cool t


    Great t if a little small medium more like a small so if your a small buy a medium or if your really tiny buy a small and large well you get where this is going. Great buy well worth a tenner looks cool and havent seen any around so stand out get it know while its around

    May the force be with you

  10.  best zombie game ever ever ever


    If you like zombies and youve always wanted to survive a zombie apocalypse then this is the game for you. First just let me say the game aint perfect there are some very minor points ii dont even need to mention them so here is why you need this game. Its got zombies in there thousands need i say anymore the gameplay is ace you have to work as a team and in co-op this is the best thing ive played on the xbox so far get yer mates round open a few beers and get ready for the horde just dont play it on easy cause you will beat it to easy ive done it on normal and thats hard enough so i crnt imagine hardcore

    Get it now you wont regret it