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  1. LoveBlood


    King Charles - CD

    4 New from  £5.26  Free delivery

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     Long live the king!


    I literally came on here to read what good things people had said about this album and there's none! It's a real shame that King Charles will probably go un-noticed until one of his songs gets used on an advert or something. Anyway I'm not going to start moaning! Anyone that reads this please go and listen to Lady Percy or Bam Bam or Love Blood and I BET you come back here and buy the album! It really is brilliant! I admit it's not 5 star as a couple of the tracks near the end feel a bit like filler but it's more than worth it for the opening 8 tracks! Already waiting for the next album!

  2.  Some great songs but falls short....sadly!


    I'm not a huge fan of M.I.A although I own her previous 2 albums and do enjoy listening to them and bought this the day of release as I was so in love with the rock/dance 'Born Free'. Sadly only a few other songs come as close to this (or better) with the rest being listenable but don't really sound like much more than B-sides.
    The best of the bunch are the extremely catchy pop tunes 'XXXO', 'Tell me why'. The dirty rock of 'Born Free' and 'Meds and Feds' and the quite beautiful 'Space'. 'Steppin Up' has quite a typically M.I.A style beat with fairly poor lyrics but still manages to be quite good and 'It takes a muscle' isn't a bad little stab at reggae.

    None of the others really stand out for me but each to their own I suppose. In my opinion Kala is probably slightly better. The hip hop/ dance tracks of Kala mixed with the catchy pop of Maya and we'd have a brilliant album!

  3.  Astonishing stuff


    I bought this album, along with a few others, for my birthday. I was purposely looking for records by bands I'd never heard of. I was attracted to the artwork on this album and then the groups name (ofcourse!) so bought it and took it home with the ever-present risk of it being not very good. I'm glad to say it's phenomenal! Not the sort of thing I would typically listen to as it's a kind of indie-trance sound but there's something about the way these guys do it that just makes it so engaging.

    Right from the first couple of minutes of the first single Surf Solar I was intrigued. These are driving, pounding, almost tribal songs with electronic splashes of noise flying past every now and then. Life-affirming is a phrase I try to avoid using but there's probably no other way to describe it!

    Obviously the 10 minute songs and lack of vocals throughout will turn off some people but I urge anyone. No matter what music you're in to to buy this and experience it. Because it really is an experience. The songs mix and flow together and the whole thing is to be listened to in one, long hit which will leave you with a big smirk and a renewed love of music!

    Although downloading individual tracks from this record would sort of ruin the overall feel I would definitely reccomend listening to 'The Lisbon Maru' and 'Surf Solar' to get a decent idea of what the album is like.

    Personally, one of the most different and refreshing albums I've heard this year...

  4.  Better than Panic Prevention!!!


    What a superb album. You really can't praise this guy highly enough for what he's doing for British music. A genuine legend in the making if you ask me. Right from the off this record just has you hooked unlike Panic Prevention which I loved but it did have a couple of tracks that I couldn't fully appreciate. '368' opens with a massively upbeat, raucous tune with loads of Jackson style "WOOOOO's" thrown in for good measure! And it never lets up from then. Literally each song is just so catchy it really does play like a Jamie T greatest hits. Even when the little scamp turns his hand to ballads with Emily's Heart and Jilly Armeen rather than being an embarrasing attempt at musical diversity he's actually created two of the finest songs on the album.

    I could rave on about each track but I won't spoil the surprise. Stand out tracks for me are British Intelligence, Spiders Web, 368, Emily's Heart and Sticks n Stones.

    Already gagging for the third album! This guy knows how to write real music. Catchy and interesting and also having spoken to him briefly at Glastonbury a couple of years ago I can say he's one of the nicest guys you could meet.

    Well done Mr Treays!

  5. Fits


    White Denim - CD

    4 New from  £7.15  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.98

     It's Fits!


    I only discovered White Denim in early January with their first album, Workout Holiday and have become a huge fan since. If you don't own Workout Holiday I highly reccomend getting the 2 disk extended version. Not a single song fails to deliver. It really was a few beers on a sunny afternoon sort of album and if that would be the case then 'Fits' is a red wine in the evening type of affair. The same sounds just given a hugely psychedelic boost. On my review for Workout Holiday I compared the sound to the likes of The Strokes and Modest Mouse but it appears we can now add Frank Zappa and even Led Zeppelin to the mix on this new record. The best comparison to demonstrate the change in sound would be to listen to the tracks 'Look that way at it' from Workout and 'Sex Prayer' from Fits. Both instrumental tracks but where Look that way is an almost Fat Boy Slim-esque summer dance number 'Sex Prayer' is a cool hit of 60's funk Jazz. The other thing you notice is the distinct lack of vocals through the album. Apart from the occasional shouted word or blurted line there isn't much in the way of 'proper' clear verse/ chorus until the incredible 'Paint Yourself' and the equally superb 'Regina Holiding Hands'. I know this isn't going to be everybody's cup of tea as most people sadly overlook this type of experimental or unpredictable music these days but believe me...give it a chance. It's a wall of brilliant sounds that can't be skipped through. Kick back, hit play and enjoy the ride!

    If you want to sample some of the new sounds I recomend downloading.

    - Regina Holding Hands
    - I start to Run
    -Paint Yourself
    - Radio Milk How Can you Stand it

  6.  Best album of the year so far!


    Well my God the Yeah's are back. I was a big fan of their first album, Fever to Tell which was New York punk with an electro egde that really gave it a sound of it's own. Then with the fairly shabby follow up Show your Bones I was starting to worry that the band were going the way of most and buckling under the various pressures of creating follow up material but 'It's Blitz' has destroyed all doubts I had with the Yeahs. It really is incredible! The first single from the album Zero sticks to the same recipe of previous singles but with a much more epic feel to it. Heads Will Roll is a dance track to rival The Prodigy and the sinister disco track Dragon Queen is simply superb. These are all great moments but the aspect of the album that stands out for me compared to previous Yeah's albums is the beauty of it. Soft Shock, Skeletons, Runaway, Little Shadow and my favourite Hysteric are all beautifully epic tracks that Karen O's voice really compliments.

    I'm not one to get drunk on hype and rush to sing the praises of any new album that comes out like a lot of the reviews you read on here so when I say this is a classic album, I mean it. Effortless Indie/ Pop as it should be done. Well done Yeah Yeah Yeah's

  7.  If you're a fan of graphic novels you'll love this!


    I found this book a couple of weeks ago knowing nothing about it and decided to give it a try based on the blurb which sounded right up my street.

    You've probably read it on here but I guess the point of these reviews is to give your own take on the plot line so here it is. Silverfish is a black & white graphic novel about a group of teenagers who take the opportunity while they're alone in the house one weekend to look through their suspicious new step-mothers things to try and gain any clues to her past. What they uncover is a blood stained knife, loads of cash and an address book. After prank calling some of the people in the book for fun they stumble across a number for a guy called Daniel. A seemingly nice man with a deeply sinister side in that he believes he has swarms (or schools!) of demonic silverfish in his brain telling him to kill. To tell you any more would probably spoil it so i'll leave it there!

    Silverfish is a great example of superb graphic novel writing. The art work is fantastic and each page manages to keep you hooked with ease. The use of the pretty nasty looking silverfish in some of the frames to portray Daniels increasing furiousness is brilliantly done. The story itself is like watching a tense action/ thriller with all the Hollywood ingredients like plot twists and flash backs which gradually build up the story to the almost brilliantly cliche movie ending.

    Some people might not enjoy it as this isn't a deep, mentally challenging book (I read it in about an hour) but i think if you appreciate it for what it is then there's a lot of fun to be had here. I love 'Silverfish' and I'm glad i found it. I'll certainly be reading it several more times in the years to come and hoping it gets the big screen adaptation it's desperately crying out for.

    I recomend it!

  8.  Fantastic Album!!!


    I can't believe no one else has reviewed this album?! This is indie/ rock genius! A kind of mix of the strokes, modest mouse and early kings of leon, these guys have got a great sound.

    'Let's talk about it' is a great pop/ punk tune with spikey guitars and fuzzy distortion aplenty! 'Sitting' and my current favourite 'heart from us all' are rhythm drenched, upbeat summer tunes that everyone needs to hear. 'All you really have to do' is a brilliant song straight out of the rock n' roll hayday and 'look that way at it' simply needs to be heard to be believed!

    If you want my advice, buy this album now, get to know every song word for word and go and see white denim play live at some hot, summer festival (prefferably a bit baked) in 2009!

    Already looking like being my album of the year!



    I saw a few adverts for this film/ documentary on tv and off of the strength of that i placed an order on play. Watched it last night on tv and promptly cancelled my order! Don't get me wrong i'm a music fan and i love music related documentaries but this was just boring! I am in to nirvana but maybe not obsessed enough to enjoy this and i think that's the problem. To actually get any joy out of this i think you have to be an obsessive nirvana fan because there's little more here than kurt talking for 90 minutes about growing up. There's very, very little footage of the band themselves with the director choosing to show images of streets, local people and harbours with the occasional black and white shot of band members. And that's pretty much it. The occasional use of animation just gives you the impression they're trying desperately to turn this into an indie/ arthouse film when really they know their only saving grace here is the fact they've gotten hold of unheard tapes of a subject that's had so much of his life revealed since his death that you're left wondering does anyone really care?

  10.  If you loved the first album you'll like this. Otherwise....


    For anyone that was pretty impressed with the Paddingtons first album, First Comes First, then you will find some good moments here but to be honest, overall i felt a little let down. I know the dreaded second album is always a test but for a set of guys who produced a debut riddled with 'CHOONS' this is quite a fall into mediocracy. All is not lost though there are a couple of fantastic songs on here by way of 'Gangs' and 'Stand Down' which i would reccomend downloading and maybe look in to getting the album when it comes down in price? But maybe that's just me! :-)