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  1.  One of the best of the year! .. of his career to date.


    Even I, a harded Oasis didn't expect Noel to come back with as big as a bang as this, very well put together, euphoric, melodic all what you'd expect from him at his best. The production is magnificent by the way!! definitely an album you'd listen to from front to back, not a track i'd skip through. Buy this version with the documentary and the videos, for the price you may as well!

  2.  Dissappointing!


    Ok so if you've got not much substance plot wise, which was a given you better have alot of style! - that's what we were expecting from Rodriguez with this movie. This is a very lazy effort to be honest, it opens well and stylistically you think that it will be similar to his grindhouse movie and say dusk to dawn which are great stylish films. He uses classic dust stratches and cuts from exploitation movies of old and you think wow this is going to be good.. then no he just literally abandons the style and signatures and just shoots it like a modern day movie with 80's cliche's which doesn't work at all. Infact it gets pretty boring only for the women in the movie and the blood fest. DeNiro is underused, so is lyndsay lohan and well it just should have been a whole lot better!! the trailer (the original grindhouse version) is miles better than the movie could ever be sadly and it just feels like an opportunity missed. There's no real snappy memorable dialogue, the characterisation isn't strong enough and personally I think close collaborator Quentin Tarantino would have done a much much better job with it!! I was expecting something with the slickness of killbill or desperado and what i got was checking my watch - waiting for the end. Not terrible but definitely won't be great!.

  3.  Get it in perspective.


    Firstly the good - Christian Bale holds the whole thing together in his portrayal as Dickie Ecklund, a great performance from an actor at the top of his game. Mark Wahlberg plays his role very well and there's good chemistry between him and Bale, the emotional between the family is also very real and you can feel the tension between Ward, Ecklund and their mother in the film. The bad? - Someone should've spent more time with Wahlberg on the boxing scenes or recut them in a different way because frankly they don't cut the mustard. Some of the scenes in the fights are ok but other times it's hard to know what the director was thinking. Overall? This ISN'T a Rocky movie - it's a story about family relationships/dynamic and trying to hold it together whilst going for a dream. The best boxing movie out there? no way! but a good way, hard to see me revisiting this though as much as Raging Bull for example, only time will tell though.

  4.  Worth a watch, once.


    Ok so the premise of the film should make for some good comedy, yes it should... but on a wider scale this simply doesn't deliver. Hyped due to it's subject matter and ultimately dissappointing. It's not horrible, it is watchable and there are some good performances but it could have been alot better.

  5.  Where did they get those British actors from!!?


    In short the action is good in this film, that's pretty much all you need to know, the performance's from Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung are strong, with excellent choreography from the latter... but this film is kinda ruined by it's awful British actors, yes they really are that bad!! and a weak ending plot. It could have been alot better, I don't really see a need for a third installment. - I think they would really have to concentrate on Yip Man's relationship with Bruce Lee to reignite the series.

  6.  One of Jet's best character roles.


    This is the remake of Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury where Jet plays the character Chen Zhen. Luckily he executes the role in his own style as trying to follow Bruce Lee's take on the character would have been foolish. The 1972 version of this story maybe a bit dated now but we can all agree that Bruce Lee never grows stale no matter how amateur the filming back then was compared to today. Exactly the same can be said about this film to be honest! Released in 1994 there's parts of this movie that are badly done BUT Jet Li is so good in his version of Chen Zhen that we can always overlook it. The dojo scene is amazing and his has a magnetic force about him throughout the movie. Why however the distributors used the dubbed English language opening credits is a real disappointment!!!. The Cantonese version is here but with the dubbed badly done high school opening credits!! it kinda ruined the print for me. The original Hong Kong opening credits were far better, far more professional and in keeping with the title music - which is dissappointingly miscredited also in the title sequence. Gripe apart - great movie, decently re-done - buy it!!

  7.  Nice remake.


    I was presently surprised by this movie to be honest. I'm a big fan of Jackie Chan - especially his 80's movie's like the Police Story series and Wheels and Meals etc with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao and found this family movie not bad at all. Infact it's pretty good as a family movie - which is what the original Karate Kid was remember!. The martial arts is much much better in this movie (it's Wushu/Kung fu by the way not Karate) and like the first film you can actually care about the characters. Jackie plays a good role and Jaden Smith is pretty accomplished given his age (some people criticise him but come on compared to alot of child actors!!). The plot moves along quick nicely and it keeps you interested with a nice message. If kids watch it and get inspired to start training or to even look up old Jackie Chan films or other martial arts films such as the one's with Bruce Lee or Sammo Hung then it's done it's job. Nice remake!

  8.  Slow burner.


    The only gripe I have about this film is the jump at the end in story where Leone leaves it up to the viewer to fill in alot of the blanks, it still works but the film is so long I don't see why he couldn't have filled us in a little more. However I suppose alot of cinema is the imagination so yep great acting, a very slow burner - a little long but still engaging. I have to confess I watched it in two parts (stopping at the part where 'Intermission' pops up on screen). I like the way that's left on the dvd it retains the cinematic impact from the time of release. De Niro is superb by the way.

  9.  Puts a extra step in your stride.


    Yes I was a fan of Oasis, yes where's Noel! but this actually is a pretty decent offering from the ashes of Oasis. Personally I think it's great how Liam Gallagher throws himself into a project and his enthusiasm kinda comes across on this debut album. I listened to a full preview of the album last week and was presently surprised how they've just got on it with decent results. I'm not going to compare this band with Oasis - it seems a futile exercise in the long run. Beady Eye are Beady Eye and I think this debut starts fulfilling their intentions nicely.

    Ok so the influences are there for all to see - they aren't pretending to hide them, they are embracing them. I can see why people slate bands for it but I'd prefer to see it as a homage. At the end of the day if it makes younger listeners then pick up John Lennon or The Rolling Stones or The Who then they've kinda done their job.

    I listened to this judgingly at first then repeatedly then I kinda just went with it and enjoyed it, which is what music should do. It definitely puts an extra string in your step and Liam's vocals are pretty damn good. So a fresh sounding debut is not what I expected but that's what I got. I'd buy the deluxe pack as for the price it's worth the difference will all the extra content. Order it now!

  10.  One to add to the collection.


    Ok so it's the return of the character Chen Zhen to the big screen. Those who aren't familar with the character I suggest that you immediately stop reading this and go and buy Fist of Fury (Bruce Lee) 1972 & additionally Fist of Legend (Jet Li) 1994 - which is a remake of Fist of Fury. So anyway this movie is in a very different style to those aforementioned classics.. and I think that was a conscious decision from the director. Infact Chen Zhen in this movie is superheroish, there's no over the top superhuman powers but the action feels very cartoon stylised. This is not a bad thing as to be honest with the feel of the rest of the film it kinda works. The action is more akin to Black Mask (another Jet Li film) than Bruce Lee. Infact in this movie Chen Zhen adopts of guise of that character in order to safely carry out his heroics. The cinematography of the film is pretty good and the setting reminded me slightly of Miracles - a Jackie Chan movie. The problem with this film is that it never quite seems to capture the emotional anger of Chen Zhen or indeed the overall emotion of those two earlier screen appearances for the character. The plot moves along quite well from A-B-C but even Fist of Fury back in 1972 had a few more twists to keep it more interesting and dramatic. So in short - would I buy this - yes I did buy it and it kept me entertained throughout the whole movie, is it on par with the original incarnations of the character? - well definitely NOT! again if you haven't seen those movies go and buy them. This film sits rather as a homage I feel and I think it suffers slightly from that. The Bruce Lee cries from the Chen Zhen character in the final reels are definitely supposed to be an homage but they have to recognise that people will draw comparisons to Bruce Lee's incarnation of the character and the movie will definitely fall short!. One for the collection but not a classic! entertaining though.